Case Study: Embee

The feature-rich Netreo Tool has helped us to enhance our proactive public cloud infrastructure monitoring. The multi-tenant access feature of the tool has allowed us to further up our game in managed services delivery for our customers.

— Amitava Gupta, DGM & Practice Lead Managed Services at Embee
Embee Case Study - Network Monitoring Solution Netreo

MSP Provides Greater Transparency and Cloud Optimization with Netreo Essentials

Who is Embee?

Embee (est. 1989) is a Pan-India Managed Service Provider spanning over 11 locations and employing 500+ technology and innovation leaders, architects, developers, designers, and researchers. For over three decades, Embee has been focused on creating a better technology experience for everyone through Cloud Solutions, Data and Apps, System Integration, and Managed Services. Using the diverse expertise of its team and solutions like Netreo Essentials, Embee helps its network of over 3,000 customers achieve peace of mind through digital transformation and managed IT services. 


The Challenge

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, and Microsoft’s India Partner of the Year, the Embee team has deep expertise in monitoring and managing their customers’ Azure Cloud environments, and equivalent expertise in monitoring and managing their customers’ AWS environments. 

With a rise in the user base of cloud computing, the Embee team found themselves needing a solution that gave them deeper visibility into those customers’ mission-critical Azure and AWS resources than the native monitoring tools provided by Microsoft and AWS. Additionally, with the mixed usage of Azure and AWS throughout the Embee customer base and many of those customers employing hybrid cloud and multi-cloud approaches, Embee needed a single solution that provided unified visibility into all of those resources.  


The Solution

Following an extensive evaluation of several solutions, the Embee team determined that Netreo Essentials (CloudMonix) was the best solution to meet their needs as a Managed Services Provider. As a multi-tenant solution, Netreo Essentials made it simple for Embee to extend the platform to multiple customers and was the perfect fit for their transparent service and implementation and support services. 

Embee uses Netreo Essentials for real-time monitoring of its customers’ Azure and AWS tenants and non-compute critical resources. With deep visibility and in-depth data being key differentiators for Embee’s managed services offerings, Netreo Essentials can provide resource visibility at a more granular level than the native tools provided by Microsoft and AWS and at a much lower cost than other monitoring solutions on the market. 

The extended visibility offered by the Netreo Essentials platform has also allowed Embee to better serve their customers with value-added services. Using the monitoring data provided by Netreo Essentials, Embee is now able to drive more value for customers through cost and resource optimization. 

From a transparency perspective, the multi-tenant nature of the Netreo Essentials platform has allowed Embee to provide dashboards to their customers for viewing the health and performance of their cloud resources. The intuitive GUI of the Netreo Essentials platform has also allowed Embee to easily train customers to use the platform on their own.

Rapid incident response and downtime minimization are key components of Embee’s Managed Service offerings. In order to provide the best possible service to customers, Embee needed a monitoring platform that allowed for integration with their ITSM and automation of time-consuming tasks. Embee was able to easily integrate Netreo Essentials with their existing ITSM platform and automate the creation of tickets based on alerts coming from Netreo. In doing so, Embee has been able to bring even greater value to customers by significantly decreasing incident response times and mean time to repair (MTTR).

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