Case Study: Space Exploration Company

sSpace exploration company - network monitoring

All Systems Are Go with Netreo at Space Exploration Company


 A leading space exploration company based in California faced many of the common challenges seen when monitoring a large, distributed IT infrastructure with thousands of devices supporting over 7,000 employees across 10 locations. The organization’s highly specialized systems and multiple air-gapped networks also created several unique monitoring challenges. Monitoring the systems that help send rockets to space is no easy task, and so began the search for a monitoring solution to meet their needs.

The Challenge

Before implementing Netreo, the organization’s monitoring footprint consisted of 26 different open-source Network Management Systems (NMS) being used to monitor air-gapped Production, Testing, and Launch environments. Ownership of the different systems was spread across several different functional groups within the IT organization, and each of the disparate systems had little to no communication between them. As a result, there was little visibility into which system was monitoring certain devices, and the organization was also lacking visibility into the performance and availability of specialized hardware including furnaces, freezers, and carbon fiber production systems. 

The Netreo Solution

         Following an extensive evaluation of potential monitoring solutions, Netreo was determined to be the perfect fit for the organization’s unique monitoring needs. With Netreo, the organization was able to consolidate their 26 open-source NMS instances down to one. This consolidation gave the organization a single, unified view into each of the organization’s highly secure, air-gapped networks as well as visibility into the performance and availability of the highly specialized systems and hardware that was missing before. As part of the implementation, Netreo was also able to migrate all of the custom scripts that were being used for monitoring with the open-source systems. All in all, the organization now has a single source of truth for monitoring visibility into over 4,500 devices with over 12,000 service checks and millions of thresholds. With Netreo, it’s all systems go!


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