Case Study: Newmeyer & Dillion

“I don’t know how we functioned before we had Netreo. We used to find out about outages from our users, but with Netreo, we’re able to get really good insight into our network, and see potential problems before they become issues.”

— Tyson Nakagawa, Network Administrator
Newmeyer and Dillion

Netreo Enables Attorneys at Newmeyer & Dillion to Fulfill their Commitment to Excellent Personalized Service

Business Need

Newmeyer & Dillion was founded in 1984 by Tom Newmeyer and Greg Dillion. The two partners wanted to create a full-service business law firm where attorneys were creative in finding economical, expeditious solutions for their clients, exercised good judgment in all that they do, and where clients would stay for a lifetime.

They believed that superior personalized service was the key element for a successful firm — where the client comes first, calls must be returned promptly, and the client deserves the best possible work product and results. This approach has resulted in Newmeyer & Dillion (N&D) being one of the fastest-growing and most successful firms in California and Nevada, with over 70 attorneys in three offices.

It also means the firm needs modern information technology infrastructure to keep that promise to their clients.

Tyson Nakagawa, N&D’s network administrator, explains that Netreo has enabled the firm’s IT department to address issues proactively, rather than reactively.

“One of the first things that I do when I get to work in the morning is open up the Netreo dashboard, because it gives me a quick, at-a-glance view of everything going on in our network in a matter of a few seconds. If we didn’t have that, we would have to go in and check different log files to confirm the health of all our applications, which is time-consuming and impossible to do every day. I start my day by addressing any issues first thing in the morning.”

IT Need

Although the firm’s attorneys spend a lot of time on email, even more critical is access to the firm’s billing system, which makes Netreo’s alerts particularly valuable.

“We have multiple billing application servers that all tie together, and there are many services that run the overall system,” Nakagawa said. “In the past, if one of those services stopped for whatever reason, then the immediate effect might not be apparent to us. It wouldn’t take down the entire billing system, but maybe some certain portions of it might not work, because of that one service.”

Before Netreo, N&D’s IT team would need to spend an hour or two diagnosing a problem. The attorneys would then have to track their time with pencil and paper, and manually enter it in the system later – obviously a huge headache.

“With Netreo, we get an alert if the service goes offline or stops. We can then drill down and quickly determine why it’s stopped. We’re usually able to restart it without an impact on the users, so life is much less stressful now,” Nakagawa said.

Nakagawa says that one of Netreo’s key advantages is the simplicity of its dashboard.

“The dashboard display is simple, readable, and the filters are easy to set. It’s extremely easy to work with. If we get an alert on the dashboard, I can drill down and see why this alert is being raised, and based on that information, take care of it on the spot. For example, recently the hard drive space partition on our Microsoft Exchange databases was running out of space. It was at 90% utilization, so we got an alert for that. We were able to go in, and take action to move some mailboxes off of it. We also could have expanded if the volume was necessary. But, either way ⁠— had we not known about that, we would have run out of drive space and capacity for that database.”

Netreo Solution

Nakagawa characterizes the implementation process as “absolutely seamless.”

“Netreo’s implementation engineer came to our site with the hardware, plugged it in, got it all configured, did all the importing of all our devices, and created the alert templates in just a few days. On my end, all I really had to do was provide him the list of inventory that we wanted monitored and make myself available to answer questions. It was a very painless process.”

Nakagawa is even more positive when talking about the ongoing support N&D receives from Netreo.

“It’s a huge benefit to have the personal touch of dedicated network engineers who know our environment. With most companies, you’re calling into a queue as one of a hundred people ⁠— just another call with a support ticket. With OmniCenter, we talk to their engineers regularly. They know our hardware and software setup, and since they did the implementation, they are a tremendous resource for us. The extraordinary level of support Netreo provides is very rare in the IT business.”

Tony Kim, the IT Manager who oversees N&D’s technology infrastructure and applications, is also pleased with the company’s investment in Netreo.

“Prior to our purchase of Netreo, we contracted for managed services through a managed service provider. It was very expensive, and the monitoring they did was not very extensive. We started looking into other products, and fortunately, Tyson already had experience with Netreo.

Has N&D’s investment in Netreo produced an acceptable ROI?

“We implemented OmniCenter in 2014, and it literally paid for itself in 12 months,” Kim responded.

Benefits to Newmeyer & Dillion

  • Enables continuous, 24x7, worldwide monitoring and proactive response to emerging problems.
  • Simple, readable dashboard provides at-a-glance insight to IT infrastructure health and performance, and enables drill-downs to diagnose the root cause of significant issues.
  • Easily defined parameters for filters and alerts.
  • 24x7 email and text alerts on the health of the network.
  • Minimizes impact on users due to shorter time between failure notification and faster resumption of normal operations.
  • Dedicated support engineers at Netreo with deep knowledge of the company's network and infrastructure environment.

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