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What is Azure Scheduler?

It is a cloud-based service that allows a user to schedule one time or ongoing system processes. Azure Scheduler performs scheduled system actions such as posting message into storage queue, executing jobs in the cloud on a customizable recurring schedule.

What is Azure Storage Monitoring?

Azure Storage Monitoring encompasses technologies and processes that helps in improving and ensuring performance of data storage resources hosted on Azure cloud infrastructure. It is a broad process that includes data and storage management techniques such as traffic analysis, availability, storage analytics and more.  

What is Azure Service Bus Management?

Azure Service Bus Management is referred to the process of managing and monitoring operations and processes on Azure Service Bus. Azure Service Bus Management enables service bus managers to control and instrument operations and processes on Azure Service Bus and its associated components (Queues, Topics, Subscriptions and Event Hubs)

How is Azure Service Bus Management used?

What is Azure Service Bus?

Azure Service Bus is the cloud-based middleware message queuing service provided by Azure Cloud Services Platform. Azure Service Bus enables communication between devices, applications and services – on cloud, on-premises or both.

What is Azure API Management and how it used?

Azure API Management is a reliable, secure and scalable way to publish, consume and manage API’s running on Microsoft Azure platform.  Azure API Management provides all essential tools required for an end-to-end management of API’s.  

What are Azure Logic Apps and how are they used?

It’s a service that permits a developer or any technical savvy individual to automate the execution of business processes and workflows through a visual design interface.

What is Azure Performance Automation?

Azure Performance Automation is referred to the process of automating performance management, monitoring and delivery tasks on Azure hosted cloud infrastructure and resources. It is a set of collective measures, tools and techniques that helps in automating performance and management tasks on Azure.

What is SQL Azure Performance Monitoring?

SQL Azure Performance Monitoring is the set of processes that help in managing and ensuring performance on the database resources and assets- hosted and deployed on SQL Azure Platform.

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