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What is Azure RemoteApp and how it is used?

What is Azure RemoteApp?

Azure RemoteApp provides secure and remote access to applications from different user devices. It is part of the Microsoft Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and is used to provide employees with access to business applications on different platforms / devices anywhere from the internet.

What is a Cloud Automation Software and how it is used?

What is a Cloud Automation Software?

Cloud Automation Software is a type of cloud management software that helps in automating operational, maintenance and recovery tasks on a cloud computing platform.

What is Azure VPN Gateway and how it is used?

Azure VPN Gateway is a cloud based network gateway that enables in connecting on-premises networks  with Azure using site-to-site VPNs.  Azure VPN Gateway provides secure connectivity by using industry standard protocols, IPsec and IKE to secure the connection.  

What is Azure Application Gateway and how it is used?

Azure Application Gateway provides HTTP based load balancing that enables in creating routing rules for traffic based on HTTP. Azure Application Gateway delivers application level routing and load balancing that enable sin creating reliable and scalable websites and web applications.

What is Azure Performance Monitoring and how it is used?

Azure Performance Monitoring is referred to the process of monitoring and ensuring operational performance on Azure Cloud Services Platform. It enables in delivering required performance benchmark within the entire or individual resources in the Azure Cloud.

What are Azure API Apps and how it is used?

Azure API Apps provide a platform that enables creating, hosting and using API‘s for cloud and on premises infrastructure. It enables in creating and app that can provide API based application / software accessibility, connectivity for SaaS / hybrid cloud environments and a central API management platform.

What is Azure DocumentDB and how it is used?

Azure DocumentDb is a NoSQL document database, which is specifically designed for mobile, cloud and web based applications and services. Azure DocumentDB is a schema-free NoSQL document database service that delivers faster reads and writes time by indexing all documents without the need for schema and provides on demand database scalability.

What is Azure Files Service and how it is used?

What is Azure Files Service?

Azure File service is cloud based file storage and sharing service that helps in sharing files using the standard Server Message Block 2.1 (SMB 2.1) Protocol.

What is Azure SQL Data Warehouse and how it is used?

Azure SQL Data Warehouse is a cloud based data warehouse that enables in creating and delivering a data warehouse. Azure Data Warehouse is capable of processing large volumes of relational and non-relational data.

What is Azure Data Catalog and how it used?

Azure Data Catalog is a cloud tool for registering and finding data assets and sources by companies. It is metadata catalog which can store, describe, indexes and provides information on how to access any preregistered data.

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