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What is Azure Scheduler Monitoring?

Azure Scheduler Monitoring is referred to the process of monitoring and ensuring execution of all tasks and processes that have been scheduled with Azure Scheduler.

What is Azure Service Bus Monitoring?

Azure Service Bus Monitoring is referred to the process of managing and monitoring the performance of Azure Service Bus. The Azure Service Bus Monitoring process is a set of collective tools, techniques and process that enables in ensuring performance and availability of Azure Service Bus.

What is Azure Automation Management?

Azure Automation Management is referred to the process of managing the monitoring and execution of Azure Automation Runbooks. It enables in ensuring that all defined, configured and automated process on Azure Automation are executed when required. 

What is Azure ExpressRoute?

What is Azure ExpressRoute?

Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute provides a dedicated private network connection between Microsoft data centers and on premises or a colocated environment. ExpressRoute is primarily a cloud integration solution that enables in establishing dedicated connections to Microsoft cloud services, such as Microsoft SQL Azure with on premises infrastructure / database.

What is Azure Traffic Manager?

Azure Traffic Manager is a load balancing solution provided by Azure Cloud Services Platform that enables in controlling and load balancing the flow of traffic to specific endpoints.

What is Azure Visual Studio Online?

Azure Visual Studio is a cloud based implementation of Team Foundation Server that enables in developing, testing and deploying web applications and services on Azure or other third party application hosting platforms.  

What is Azure Visual Studio Application Insights?

Azure Visual Studio Application Insights is a performance monitoring solution by Azure Cloud Platform that enables in capturing, monitoring and analyzing performance and usability data of Azure Web and Mobile Apps. 

What is Azure Hypervisor?

Azure Hypervisor is referred to the native hypervisor in Azure Cloud Services platform that enables in creating virtualized machines and servers on Azure Cloud Platform.

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