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Migrate To Managed Disks In The Azure Portal

Azure has recently introduced the Managed Disks migration functionality that allows users to migrate from unmanaged Disks to Managed Disks in the Azure Portal in a single click.

Azure IaaS Apps Disaster Recovery

Recently Azure offered native Disaster Recovery for applications running on IaaS being the first public cloud to offer such a service. This service makes applications region-level resilient to failures via replicating VMs into other regions.

Profiling Slow MySQL Queries In Azure With EXPLAIN

Azure Database for MySQL is a PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution that Microsoft offers on Azure. Using Azure managed services for MySQL enables one to easily build an intelligent and secure application.

Azure serverless for your IoT

Chances are those developing an IoT-based solution focus mainly on the devices and what is possible to accomplish with them. They might want to process data coming from a network of devices in real time, analyze the data to gain insights, get alerted for special conditions, manage the devices themselves, and so on. 

How To Speed Up A WordPress Site On Microsoft Azure

There are two things that discourage users the most and increase the bounce rate: website speed and content. Most search engines evaluate site loading speed when ranking websites and decrease the visibility of slower websites.

Secure your backups and data with Azure Backup

Data is an important aspect of this era that significantly impacts businesses.  Locky, WannaCry, and  Petya were the serious ransomware attacks which encouraged users to take special measures to retain data security.

Azure services for building mobile apps

Users can easily build, install, and test their apps with the help of multiple robust tools and services offered by various app centers such as Azure, Visual Studio app center, and Xamarin.

Accelerate your business with Azure IoT

Operational efficiency is the core of every business as it forms the next generation of products and services.  It’s a remarkable revolution and is known as the Internet of Things (IoT).

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