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New Features In Azure Log Analytics Workspace

Azure Log Analytics is playing an important role in monitoring the environment and performance of the system. The new features are becoming the part of Azure Log Analytics which involves the improved query language and better control over the system.

1709 Version of Windows Server is Available for Azure Users

Azure users have been using Windows Server for a longer time period and the programmers always try to deliver innovation and creation. The efforts have proved fruitful and Microsoft announces the release of Windows Server, version 1709.

Truffle 4.0 Beta-2 Now Available on Azure

Efficient developing tools give significant help to the developers and make their work easier. Truffle has created a new set of tools which is designed for decentralized applications on the Ethereum blockchain.

How to Prevent Security Threats On Azure with Linux Machine

Microsoft Azure has taken a remarkable initiative to prevent the entry of malicious items in the Linux machines. The security system developed by Azure Security Center detects suspicious processes occur in the machine and poor loading and unloading of the kernel module.

ITSM Connector Solution in Log Analytics

Microsoft Azure has announced the connectivity of IT Service Management and Azure action groups. Developers can easily create and re-use the action group by using a function like sending an email or SMS.

Benefits of Cloud Service Map for AWS and Azure

Cloud Service Map helps the users to quickly compare the capabilities and features of all the categories of both AWS and Azure. The use of the service allows you to quickly migrate data from Azure if you are trying a multi-cloud solution with Azure.

Use DAX Query Viewer on Azure Analysis Service Model

Data modeling and application modeling have significant importance in the developing and programmers always look for an easy yet effective way of modeling. Azure Analysis Services web designer is specially designed for the data modeling and it gives a browser-based experience to the users.

Accelerate Data Prep on Azure with Latest Paxata Launch

Azure HDInsight is a fully managed portal with cloud Apache Hadoop and it offers various benefits to the users. The major benefits include the optimization of open source clusters for Kafta, HBase, Spark, MapReduce, Microsoft R Server, and Hive by 99.9% SLA.

An Introduction to a New Query Language in Azure Log Analytics

Azure Log Analytics has collaborated with query language which was extensively used in Application Insights. The integration of query language with Log Analytics has opened up the ways of new capabilities and it’s known as advanced analytics.

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