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R Scripts and Azure Function: A Crazy Duo

The advancement in technology pitched in the concept of serverless computing. Prior to the latest Microsoft release, it was merely a concept. Now, you can get your hands on by learning R language which the Microsoft Azure has just termed to be the key to access the potential of serverless architecture.

An Insight into the Azure Site Recovery

You might have heard about the recovery tools but hardly would’ve come across any Microsoft based recovery tool. Microsoft has recently unveiled its disaster recovery service by the name or Azure Service Recovery which is capable enough to replicate your on-premises apps on Azure.

Model Comparison for Azure Analysis Services

A database in itself is a wide and deep pool which has several offshoots. Nowadays, the comparison and merging of the relational database schema has sprung out of the blue and has risen to become one of the most successful and revenue generating markets.

Latest Updates on Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode

Microsoft has released the July updates of the Azure Data Lake tools for Visual Studio code. Imbued with a rich collection of development functions, Microsoft has also added the following major features for C# code:

  • Refined Azure Data Lake integration services (ADLA & ADLS).

Azure SQL DB and Tableau: The Perfect Duo

For the past few years, the teams at Tableau Engineering and Microsoft have been working closely. They intend to provide the customers with a rich and interactive user experience.

Website Acceleration with Azure CDN using Dynamic Site Acceleration

Today’s user expects reliable, personalized and fast web experience whose robustness is totally independent of the browser’s limitations, location, network or device specifications. The quest of providing the users with rich web experience resulted in slower page downloads which in turn has put the quality of entire user experience at risk.

An Insight into the Latest Azure Analysis Services Web Designer

Microsoft has recently released the latest web designer which has been named Azure Analysis Services (AAS) Web Designer. It is being expected that this browser-based web designer will enable the developers to create and manage the semantic models of Azure Analysis Services, more quickly and easily.

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