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Observability vs. Monitoring: A Complementary Relationship

An application’s success depends on many factors. One of the most crucial is how it performs when actual users interact with it. The chances are that even if you properly prepare your entire software development strategy, problems will occur at some point or another.

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What Is Data Observability and Why Do You Need It?

The word observability has its root in control theory. R.E. Kálmán in 1960 defined it as a measure of how well you can infer the internal states of a system from knowledge of its external outputs.

Why Do We Need Network Management? A Practical Explanation

Network management is a necessity. With today’s modern infrastructure, there isn’t a whole lot you can do effectively without it. It’s like tech’s version of the old American Express slogan, “Don’t leave home without it.” You have to deal with the ever-changing needs of the business, constant cybersecurity threats, and complex private and public networks.

A Detailed Guide to Real-Time Monitoring

Past performance isn’t always a good predictor of “now” performance, so for this reason, real-time monitoring is a critical part of network management.

Organizations must know what’s happening on their network at any given moment.

What Is a Traffic Analysis Attack?

The times when it was enough to install an antivirus to protect yourself from hackers are long gone. We actually don’t hear much about viruses anymore.

What Is Network Traffic and How Do You Monitor It?

“Network traffic” is a term that describes the influx and outflux of network packets within an organization’s network. Understanding and monitoring this traffic is an important step in protecting an organization’s health.

What Is Network Traffic Analysis? A Helpful Walkthrough

Network traffic analysis is the method of collecting, storing, and analyzing traffic across your network. Traffic data is collected in or near real time so you can have up-to-the-second information about what’s happening.

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