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Get Notified Of Azure Service Incidents

Azure service incidents may impact customer resources and it is critical customers are equipped to mitigate the potential harm by following the guidelines provided by Azure.

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How to reboot Azure VM Scale Sets on schedule?

Azure VM Scale Sets allows users to configure a set of ubiquitous VMs in the Azure cloud that share configuration and are treated as a single unit from the logical perspective, e.g.

Receive and manage Netreo notifications in PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a popular tool for alerting, on-call scheduling, managing escalation policies and incident tracking created to help increase uptime of apps, servers, websites and databases. 

Netreo provides a direct API integration to PagerDuty.

How to auto-scale SQL Azure

Azure SQL Database, also known as SQL Azure, is Microsoft’s database-as-a-service offering available on the Azure platform. It provides managed SQL database capabilities to applications running in the Azure cloud.

How to automatically control Azure costs

Many organizations need to track costs of their Azure resources and ensure they don’t exceed a certain budget. However, as the number of systems and individual resources grows, it may be really difficult to achieve.

Send Netreo data to Zabbix or Nagios XI

Zabbix and Nagios XI are popular enterprise-level solutions for monitoring large numbers of applications, servers, VMs, and network devices in real-time. However, at this time, they lack native Azure monitoring capabilities.

How to effectively manage multiple environments in Netreo

IT Organizations that need to maintain and monitor multiple environments (i.e. Production, Dev, QA, Staging, etc.) for systems that they develop, can use Netreo’s Accounts feature to effectively organize and separate their environments.

How to auto-scale Azure VM Scale Sets using Netreo

Azure VM Scale Sets is a service that provides a set of load-balanced VMs in the Azure cloud. All VMs in a set are created using a single configuration definition and are treated as a single logical unit.

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