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What is Azure Service Platform?

Azure Service Platform is the collection of integrated cloud hosted computing, database, mobile, networking, web and analytics solution provided by Microsoft Azure. It is the entire suite of cloud services Microsoft Azure is providing.

What is SQL Azure Database Management?

SQL Azure Database Management is the set of processes that help in managing the entire database resources and assets- hosted and deployed on SQL Azure Platform.

How to effectively monitor Azure Service Bus Queues

Azure Service Bus (ASB) is a critical component of Microsoft Azure cloud platform.  Using ASB Queues, applications can communicate with each other by sending messages instead of performing direct API calls.  

How to monitor Azure Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions

Azure Service Bus is a critical component of Microsoft Azure cloud platform. Service Bus Topics and Subscriptions is an API messaging service that allows different applications and clients (message senders) to publish messages that are then consumed by other sets of applications and services (message receivers).

Monitoring of Azure Virtual Networks using Netreo

Azure Virtual Networks allow cloud applications hosted on the Microsoft Azure platform to connect to internal enterprise networks through secure tunnels.  This enables hybrid-cloud scenarios, allows for utilization of premise resources alongside cloud resources and generally bridges the gap between internal data centers and cloud-based data centers.

Monitoring Azure Virtual Machines without agents

Effective immediately, Netreo users can now monitor their Azure infrastructure-as-a-service (IAAS) Windows Azure Virtual Machines without provisioning special agent software.

Netreo was recently enhanced to offer a “white-glove” approach to instrumenting Azure Diagnostics extension on Windows VMs.  

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