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Azure Site Recovery’s Latest Onboarding Experience

With the latest release of the Azure Site Recovery service for VMware to Azure, a new initiative has been brought that lets users initiating virtual machines replication in less than 30 minutes.

Integrating Netreo with Microsoft Teams

As enterprises continue to adopt and deploy cloud-based and on-premises resources and services, IT managers must manage, track and optimize increasingly complex IT environments. Netreo provides a cloud and on-premises system and resource monitoring solution that enables IT managers to visualize and automate their technical stack’s stability for the most reliable service delivery and optimal cost management.

Top 5 Performance Metrics Every Azure Administrator Should Monitor

Microsoft Azure is an enterprise-class cloud computing infrastructure that provides robust IT resources for modern business applications.  Although Azure SLA promises the supreme quality of services, Azure administrators play their part in ensuring the optimal performance of their applications.

Receive Netreo notifications in Slack and HipChat

Many teams are using tools like Slack and HipChat to collaborate more effectively in real time. Often people keep their chat apps open all day, which makes them also a very convenient tool for receiving notifications that require immediate attention.

Receive and manage Netreo notifications in PagerDuty

PagerDuty is a popular tool for alerting, on-call scheduling, managing escalation policies and incident tracking created to help increase uptime of apps, servers, websites and databases. 

Netreo provides a direct API integration to PagerDuty.

How to ensure ASB messages are being processed

Azure Service Bus queues are often used to decouple parts of connected systems and to offload heavy-duty processing to background tasks. Loose coupling improves the overall reliability and performance of the system.  

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