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How Does HPC Container Work with Azure Batch?

Azure Batch allows its user to schedule the tasks as Docker Container as containers are known as the best way to schedule, package, and execute High-Performance Computing Applications (HPC).

Developing SaaS Applications with Multi-tenant Patterns

A set of Saas applications contains different applications which use different database tendency models on SQL Database. These sets contain tutorials and management scripts which let you make your own SaaS app project without any assistance.

What are the Benefits of Azure DevOps Project?

Latest technologies help the organizations to market their products in a comprehensive manner while they also develop and integrate their product at a faster pace without wasting their time and efforts.  

Perks of CAA Record Support and IPv6 Nameservers

Azure DNS updates the CAA Record Support allows the domain owners to specify work authorities and provide them certificates without facing any difficulty. Certification Authority Authorization (CAA) resources need proper checking from now on and it has made mandatory to ensure maximum protection.

Exceptional Features of Microsoft Data Accelerator Program

Customers demand fast and efficient solutions to their problems and organization need to deliver the best products to maintain their reputation. Microsoft Data Accelerator Program provides the latest innovation in every solution and helps you to meet the customers’ requirements.

Benefits of Azure Data Lake Tools

Azure Data Lake tools provide a new and efficient environment of programming. Programmers who look for a lightweight U-SQL editor can opt for ADL tools for VSCode.

Integration of Azure Site Recovery With Azure Virtual Machine

Microsoft Azure has made Azure Site Recover a built-in part of Azure Virtual Machine to help users replicate the setup in one click. The user can test disaster recovery scenarios and without wasting any time due to the integration of ASR’s one-click failover capabilities.

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