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What is Azure Automation?

By: Netreo
April 2, 2024

Azure automation is a service that allows for orchestrating and automating a series of different Azure-specific tasks via Automation Runbooks.  It includes all tasks and processes that enable Azure system to react and adjust its operations and performance in accordance with the requirements, event or issue. Azure Automation instruments complex system recovery and management procedures.

What it is Azure Automation used for?

Azure automation primarily helps cloud administrators in automating a set of Azure-specific tasks that otherwise takes time to do so or are not performed at the right time. It primarily enables cloud administrators in scripting responses to common production related recovery issues.  These include;

PowerShell Actions – Automate power shell actions that execute wide variety of PowerShell scripts on Windows Servers.

Recover from Database issues- Automatically recover from database issues using auto fixing of production and performance issues.

Auto-Scaling- Use automation techniques to auto scale computer / server resources

How Netreo helps in Automating Azure Services?

Netreo allows IT professionals to automate execution of Azure Automation Runbooks by including condition-based execution based on real-time crteria.  With Netreo’s powerful automation engine, IT professionals can set very precise triggers for when automatic, self-healing or other actions need to occur. It helps in automating PowerShell Actions, Recover Database Issues, Auto Scale compute resources and Self Heal using your own API.

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