What is Azure Performance Automation?

What is Azure Performance Automation?

Azure Performance Automation is referred to the process of automating performance management, monitoring and delivery tasks on Azure hosted cloud infrastructure and resources. It is a set of collective measures, tools and techniques that helps in automating performance and management tasks on Azure.

How is Azure Performance Automation used?

Azure Performance Automation is primarily enabled through Azure Automation Software that instrument and automatically executes performance tasks. Azure Performance Automation tools and practices in place, Azure Administrators can automate time consuming and repetitive tasks, reduce errors, ensure resource availability and faster service delivery – essential for optimal performance.

How can Netreo helps in Azure Performance Automation?

Netreo extends Azure Performance Automation by providing comprehensive monitoring and dynamic execution of Automation Runbooks. 

Azure Automation Monitoring

Netreo provides insight into latest status of all scheduled Runbooks and can let IT professionals know when runbooks fail.

  • Track Runbook execution history and metrics
  • Generate Alerts on failures
  • Monitor overall scheduled Runbook status

 Azure Automation Management

Netreo helps in keeping Azure systems working optimally by kicking off important Automation jobs to run as response to real-time conditions. Netreo will put you back in control by allowing kicking off Runbook jobs as soon as conditions are right.

Azure Windows Virtual Machines are referred to virtual machine instances on Azure platform that are used to create and deliver Windows operating system based Virtual Machines. It is an Azure native Virtual Machine Manager / Hypervisor that enables in creating and provision instant Windows virtual machines in any set /quantity. It can create and host Windows computers and servers.

How are Azure Windows Virtual Machines used?

  • Application Development and Testing – Development groups commonly use Windows VMs because they provide quick means to create a virtual computer/server with specific configurations required to code and test Windows based applications.
  • Application Deployment in cloud – Deploying application in cloud help in scaling application in par with underlying requirements and also in keeping application hosting (hardware infrastructure) cost lower.
  • Extending in-house datacenter-   Using the capabilities of Azure Virtual Network, an organization can create a virtual network (VNET) that’s an extension of their on-premises network. They can add Windows VMs to that VNET and can run Sharepoint, SQL and more applications on those VM’s.
  • Disaster recovery – Deploy and run application on Azure VM in case of a disaster on an as need basis. It also eliminates the need for  maintaining off site backup recovery infrastructure

What to monitor in Azure Windows Virtual Machines?

Like any other computation based cloud services, monitoring Azure Windows virtual machine requires monitoring;

  • Systme Uptime and availability
  • CPU Utilization and Availability ( capacity)
  • Data In / Out
  • Memory Utilization and Availability (capacity)
  • Disk Utilization and Availability (capacity)
  • Application level performance / utilization metrics.

How can Netreo help in monitoring Azure VMs?

Netreo extends Azure VMs by providing sophisticated mechanisms to monitor, auto-scale and automate Azure Windows VMs. Netreo hooks into Azure Diagnostics or utilizes a light-weight self-updating agent to provide insight into a wide variety of key performance indicators, logs and more. Netreo allows users to automate numerous recovery procedures through its integration with Azure Management API and Azure Automation.

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