What is Azure Rights Management?

Azure Rights Management is a cloud-based data protection service that enables in securing data on internal and external devices and networks. Azure Rights Management (Azure RMS) uses encryption, identity, and authorization policies to help secure files, email and other data across multiple devices—phones, tablets, and PCs. The protection service provided by Azure RMS resides with the data to ensure it remains protected both within and outside of an organization.

How is Azure Rights Management used?

Azure Rights Management is used to secure your company data and in ensuring that it complies with legal, compliance and information management requirements. Azure Rights Management helps in:

  • Protecting data of all file types
  • Protection for files anywhere (protection embedded into the data and its copies)
  • Sharing files securely on the internet and email
  • Enables organization control and security over all its data assets.

What to monitor in Azure RMS?

  • Analyze for business insights
  • Identify who is accessing and what they are accessing from your RMS-protected data.
  • Monitor the overall utilization of protected content
  • Monitor for abuse and excessive utilization.

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