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What is Azure Service Bus Management?

By: Netreo
April 2, 2024

What is Azure Service Bus Management?

Azure Service Bus Management is referred to the process of managing and monitoring operations and processes on Azure Service Bus. Azure Service Bus Management enables service bus managers to control and instrument operations and processes on Azure Service Bus and its associated components (Queues, Topics, Subscriptions and Event Hubs)

How is Azure Service Bus Management used?

Azure Service Bus management helps in ensuring that Azure Service Bus delivers optimal cloud messaging service. Azure Service Bus Management helps in monitoring depth of queues, topics and subscriptions, managing important event hubs performance issues, detecting dead letter messages, bottlenecks & non-processing of messages, and more.

How can Netreo helps in monitoring and managing Azure Service Bus?

Netreo keeps up with Service Bus queues, topics, subscriptions and event hubs every minute of every hour. It auto-manages Azure Service Bus by notifying administrators of problems via instant alerts on dashboard, email, SMS and on other third party applications and services. With Netreo, a person managing Azure Service Bus can;

  • Monitor queue, topic and subscription depths
  • Alert on dead-letter messages
  • Get notified when messages are not processing
  • Keep up with Event Hubs key performance indicators

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