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What is Azure Service Platform?

By: Netreo
April 2, 2024

Azure Service Platform is the collection of integrated cloud hosted computing, database, mobile, networking, web and analytics solution provided by Microsoft Azure. It is the entire suite of cloud services Microsoft Azure is providing. It is mainly a platform as a service (PaaS) offering that enables in developing, deploying and delivering web scalable applications.

Broadly, Azure Service Platform includes but not limited too;

  • Compute ( Virtual Machines, Cloud Servie, Batch and more)
  • Web Apps ( Web Apps, Mobile Apps, Logic Apps and more)
  • Data & Storage ( SQL Azure, DocumentDB, Redis Cache, StorSimple and more)
  • Networking ( Virtual Network, Load Balancer, Traffic Manager, DNS and more)
  • Development ( Visual Stuido and Visual Studio Insights)
  • Identity and Access Management (Azure Active directory and Multi Factor Authentication)
  • Analytics ( HD Insight, Machine Learning, Stream Analytics)

What is Azure Service Platform used for?

  • Developing and deploying web or mobile application on top of a single virtual machine to thousands of virtual machine instances.
  • Deploying existing application to cloud using Azure Service Platform
  • Creating and managing a scalable virtual / cloud data center

What to monitor and automate in Azure Cloud Services for performance?

There can be dozens of metrics that can be automated and measure on Azure Service Platform. Some of the key performance metrics for Azure Cloud Services are;

  • CPU Utilization and Availability ( capacity)
  • Data In / Out
  • Memory Utilization and Availability (capacity)
  • Disk Utilization and Availability (capacity)
  • Application level performance / utilization metrics.

How can Netreo help in Azure Service Platform Automation and Monitoring?

Netreo extends Azure Services Platform by providing highly sophisticated and comprehensive monitoring, auto-scaling and automation options and allows users to remain in full control of their production deployments.

Netreo can track thousands of unique signals for alerting, scaling or automation actions by connecting to Azure Diagnostics or through its light-weight self-updating agent software.

Find Out how Netreo delivers value and automates common and frequent Azure Service Platform Automation and Monitoring tasks. Request a Demo Today!

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