Receive your Azure alerts in Slack and Hipchat

Team messaging services are all the rage these days.  Many organizations are de-emphasizing slow and bulky email and are adapting popular chat platforms such as Slack and Hipchat in order to optimize and enhance their teams’ collaboration.

If your team collaborates on either of these platforms, task-switching to email to find out about production alerts is time-consuming and inconvenient.  This is why we’re excited to let you know that effective immediately Netreo monitoring and automation system seamlessly integrates with both Slack and Hipchat.  In addition, users can customize rules that publish specific production alerts to particular Hipchat and Slack channels.

Integration is easy and takes about 3-5 minutes.  Your support teams will thank you for setting it up!

Learn how to integrate Netreo with Slack here.

Learn how to integrate Netreo with Hipchat here.

If your organization uses a different messaging platform, Netreo supports publishing alerts and notifications via JSON/XML to any custom Webhooks.  Learn how to integrate with Webhooks here.

Netreo integrates with Slack and Hipchat.

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