IT Monitoring Solutions for Retail

Because retail organizations are defined by the customer experience they deliver, IT operations has a strategic role in providing an exceptional customer experience. Maximizing uptime and performance of applications and infrastructure, from e-commerce to point-of-sale systems, requires actionable insights across the entire IT environment.

Give your retail organization the strategic IT partner it deserves.

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Organize a Shifting Landscape

In retail environments, rapidly evolving technologies, shifting customer experience expectations, and non-traditional payment applications are driving widespread disruption in IT landscapes.

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Eliminate Alert Fatigue

Netreo helps make sure you’re focused on moving your retail organization forward with critical business requirements instead of constantly fighting fires. Too many alerts is just as damaging as too few.

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Centralize Operations

A central command center run through Netreo allows well-documented monitoring of configuration management changes, disaster recovery, escalation, incidents, security events and problem management. Consistency in rules is key.

Mastering the Art of Managing Hybrid and Cloud Environments

Moving your applications and infrastructure to the cloud has many challenges, but managing them and maintaining visibility shouldn’t be one of them. 95% of organizations already have a cloud strategy, 81% of organizations use a multi-cloud approach, and 51% of organizations are now using a hybrid-cloud.

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