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What is Azure DocumentDB and how it is used?

By: Netreo
September 28, 2015

What is Azure DocumentDb?

Azure DocumentDb is a NoSQL document database, which is specifically designed for mobile, cloud and web based applications and services. Azure DocumentDB is a schema-free NoSQL document database service that delivers faster reads and writes time by indexing all documents without the need for schema and provides on demand database scalability. It supports Java Script Oriented Notation (JSON) and JavaScript and allows storing and querying any JSON document with built-in indexing support.

How is Azure DocumentDb used?

It is primarily used to store flexible datasets that require query retrieval and transactional processing. Some of the common uses of Azure DocumentDb are;

  • Storing and fetching user generated data for web and mobile applications
  • Storage, retrieval and processing of application JSON data
  • Automatic scaling of backend database storing data and documents
  • Deliver a complete document database as a service for storing, managing and accessing data and documents for web, mobile and cloud applications.

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