What is Azure Machine Learning?

By: Netreo
April 2, 2024

Azure Machine Learning is a cloud service that provides predictive modeling service- running on top of servers hosted in Azure. It runs predictive models that learn from existing data in order to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends. Azure Machine Learning helps in creating and deploying predictive models as analytics solutions                               

How is Azure Machine Learning used?

It provides tools to model predictive analytics and a fully-managed backend service to publish predictive models as web services. It provides tools for creating complete predictive analytics solutions in the cloud.

Machine Learning is accessed through Machine Learning Studio, which hosts a set of modules with a visual design interface that enables data-science workflows and experiments.

What to monitor in Azure ML?

·         Compute –  Compute resources being used by the workspace (CPU, RAM, Storage)

·         Utilization – The overall utilization of Azure hosted and sourced services.

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