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What is SQL Azure (Azure Database)?

By: Netreo
April 2, 2024

SQL Azure is the cloud hosted delivery mode of the Microsoft SQL Database in Microsoft Azure. It provides SQL Database services on a scalable and cloud hosted Azure environment via a database as a service (DBaaS) model.

How SQL Azure is used?

SQL Azure primarily powers up the SaaS and other applications hosted on Azure Service Platform. SQL Azure is commonly used to;

  • Creating simple to complex cloud-hosted database systems
  • Elastic database model helps in pooling resources among a group of databases
  • Automating the scaling of application across thousands of database
  • Providing a fault-tolerant database infrastructure with built-in continuity options

What to monitor and automate in SQL Azure?

  • Track CPU, Read/Write utilization, and other key performance indicators
  • Know when maximum capacity is being reached
  • Monitor any outages, blocking queries or system slowdowns
  • Automatically Rebuild indexes
  • Run maintenance jobs
  • Execute automated custom SQL scripts

How Netreo can help in Monitoring and Automation SQL Database (SQL Azure)

Netreo can monitor and automate SQL Azure by querying Dynamic Management Views, visualizing important performance metrics, exposing the slowest queries, executing custom SQL scripts, and more.

SQL Azure Monitoring  – Netreo keeps constant tabs on your most important asset: the database.  It demystifies the utilization of SQL Azure performance tiers, database throughput units (DTUs), visualizes important metrics, and tracks the slowest areas.

SQL Azure Automation – Netreo’s automation features for Microsoft Azure SQL Databases allow you to set up pre-programmed activities that are always at work to keep your database at optimal levels.

Request a demo from Netreo and see how it delivers value and automates their common and frequent SQL Azure Monitoring and Automation tasks. 

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