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Deep Visibility Across Your Entire IT Landscape

Today’s IT organizations are faced with the challenge of integrating new technology into their infrastructure while continuing to support all of their legacy needs. Business technology stacks have become more complex, diverse, and difficult to control than ever before. Netreo Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps provides a platform that gives organizations a unified, single source of truth view into their entire IT infrastructure — regardless of size, footprint or complexity.

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Why Netreo Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps Just Works

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Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps Intelligent Alerts

Netreo’s smart handling of application failure detection allows you to automatically re-test failed services to suppress false alarms easily and automatically.

Single Source of Truth icon

Single Source of Truth

Netreo consolidates multiple tools into one platform, is easily customizable, needs no complex infrastructure, and has little to no care and feeding costs.

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Automatic topology detection allows organizations to visualize the current topological configuration of their network without having to manually layout maps for every location.

Fault Monitoring

A simplified view into the entire enterprise

Netreo Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps offers comprehensive fault management. While many management systems attempt simplicity at the cost of flexibility, we deliver both by working beyond a basic ‘ping test.’ Netreo offers flexible, in-depth application testing and multiple protocol support while being simple to configure and administer.

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Powerful, Yet Simple Tools

The Netreo web interface allows for secure and easy configuration from anywhere in the enterprise. Intelligent design and default settings allow for minimal administration and quick deployment. Alerts can be sent in many formats, including email, SMS, SNMP traps, and can be integrated with other management or trouble ticketing systems.

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Thousands of Prebuilt Checks

Netreo includes automated interface status detection, hardware failure checks including CPU, fan, and power supply, web defacement alerts, authenticated web testing, BGP, EIGRP, and OSPF routing or peering failures, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP mail telnet, remote access methods, and more! Customized alert options are practically unlimited.

Solutions for Any Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps Initiative

Application Performance

Cloud Monitoring

Configuration Management

Database Monitoring

Mobile Management

Network Traffic Monitoring

Reporting and Analytics

Server Management

Virtualization Management

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Mobile Management

Netreo’s mobile app provides a continuously synchronized view of active incidents in your environment and a live data feed of all devices under management through our iOS and Android mobile applications.

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Reporting and Analytics

Netreo provides clear visibility into actual user and application-level network traffic, allowing IT managers to make informed decisions with easily understandable graphical reports.

What Does it Cost Your Company if a System Goes Down?

Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps Lost productivity icon

Lost Internal Productivity

Your organization’s labor and operating expenses likely get paid regardless of system downtime. So when a system fails, your organization pays all of its expenses with no meaningful productivity. And worse, once the system comes back up, you pay additional costs to make up for lost productivity.

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Service-Level Agreements

Many customers require specific language for financial compensation in the event of a system outage. In addition to having to actually cover the costs a service-level agreement breach, paying that compensation does little to repair the damage to your brand in the eyes of customers, both internal and external.

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Damage to the Brand

When customers frequently experience outages or other difficulties with a product or service, they will not only abandon that system, but also will share their negative experiences with others. Bad brand exposure could not only cost you that customer, but could hurt future potential deals, as well.

Full Stack IT Monitoring & AIOps Abandonment icon

System Abandonment

If a system stops working or becomes unreliable, users abandon it. This is how unapproved systems or software gain traction within an organization, exposing you to more security risk. Unreliable systems often become candidates for expensive replacement plans, even if the root cause isn’t the system itself.

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Data Loss or Exposure

A worst-case scenario for any IT department, any system outage comes with a risk of exposing valuable or confidential data or worse, lost data altogether. While best practices and back ups can help mitigate risk, nobody plans for outages and it can lead to disastrous or unexpected consequences.