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Netreo Vs Best Dynatrace Alternative

Swap out monitoring of your critical systems to Netreo, the best Dynatrace Alternative

Monitor your entire IT environment more efficiently from a single console with faster, more precise insight into the performance of your networks, infrastructure, and applications and their business impact.

5 Reasons People Choose Netreo over Dynatrace

Customer Satisfaction Starts with IT Performance

Netreo provides observability and actionable insights into every end-point, application, server and service across on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructures. Customizable dashboards display the operational status and business impact of every connected device and application, ensuring a great digital experience for your customers.

One Platform, One Source of Truth

Consolidating or replacing multiple tools with Netreo enables IT to proactively support real-time business needs with a single source of accurate data in one convenient platform. A single source of truth eliminates finger-pointing, provides superior reporting and helps IT teams become a proactive business force.

Full-Stack Monitoring

Netreo’s comprehensive full-stack monitoring improves network troubleshooting and time to issue resolution by continually consolidating performance, traffic and configuration metrics in a single view and pointing IT resources to the root cause when troubles occur.

Simple, Flexible, Programmable Reporting

Comprehensive reporting helps customers spot trends and shift to fire-preventer mode by snuffing out problems before they become critical. With easy-to-use templates, multiple export formats and tear-away reports, Netreo supports your IT team with high-impact reporting capabilities for improving network performance today and tomorrow.

Automating Performance and TCO

Netreo automatically scans its own configuration, sets and adjusts performance baselines to ensure system performance is always properly tuned. Netreo also improves IT lifecycle management and reduces TCO by automating device updates and ensuring compliance.

Clear leader in network monitoring customer satisfaction as voted by your peers

Netreo - Better than Solarwinds in G2 meets requirements icon
Netreo - Better than Solarwinds in G2 meets requirements icon
Netreo - Better than Solarwinds in G2 meets requirements icon
Netreo - Better than Solarwinds in G2 ease of setup - icon
Netreo - Better than Solarwinds in G2 ease of use icon

Critical Capabilities for Better IT Infrastructure Management.

Netreo provides visibility from the business service to the underlying infrastructure and network that supports it.

With real time visibility, you get alerts into what's failing, what bottlenecks exist and who is impacted. Netreo will become a critical part of your decision support system for day-to-day action, capacity planning and architecting modern solutions.

Intelligent Alerts

Netreo’s smart handling of application failure detection allows you to automatically re-test failed services to suppress false alarms easily and automatically.

1000’s of Prebuilt Checks

Interface status detection, web defacement alerts, web testing, hardware, BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP failures; plus remote access methods, numerous customized alerts and more.

Single Source of Truth

Netreo consolidates multiple tools into one platform, is easily customizable, needs no complex infrastructure, and has little to no care and feeding costs.

Mobile APP

iOS and Android mobile applications for continuous synchronized view of active incidents and live data feed of all devices under management.


Automatic topology detection allows organizations to visualize the current topological configuration of their network without having to manually layout maps for every location.

Reporting & Analytics

Clear visibility into actual user and application-level network traffic, allows IT managers to make informed decisions through easily understandable graphical reports.

Powerful, Yet Simple

Secure and easy configuration, intelligent user-friendly design, minimal administration, quick deployment and many alert formats, plus it integrates with varied management & ticketing systems.

Easy, Fast Setup

Netreo can be up and running in a mater of hours, not days. Our network monitor and management tool is easy to setup and easy to use.


What our customers are saying

With all of the monitoring tools on the market, Netreo was able to be implemented in a day to start gathering data. There were no hours of configuration, they did almost all of it on the back end to get what we needed, and 95% of everyone needed in minutes. Add device or server and […]

Systems Architect - AGC Biologics
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Because the tool is intuitive, as well as the great support we received, it was possible to perform the installation and configuration quickly. The proactive actions of the tool have allowed me to solve first level problems very quickly. So my team is more focused on continuous improvement.  

IT Manager - Agis Distribuição
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The support from Netreo is something which I really appreciate. We have been using OMNI monitoring tool from Netreo and this is what we really wanted which can be customizable and GUI should be user-friendly which exactly it is.  

Network Operations Manager - Alight Solutions
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It helps to notify when something is not working as normal, so then you can automate escalation or compute, you can also customize alerts depending on your needs (size of queue), you also can notice when SQL it’s receiving more request (connections) than expected, and you can find if it’s a normal load or if […]

Application Manager Services - Formiik
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Their expert support team is extremely helpful. Test it out and see what it can do – don’t be afraid to ask the team about any parameter you desire to monitor. They can do amazing things with this solution! Netreo monitors and alerts us on an extensive set of servers and network gear in our […]

Systems Administrator - Moreno Valley Unified School District
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It easy to find and locate the source of any issue. Rather than having several alerts all over the place, Netreo’s parent system allows us to review only the critical alerts to provide a quicker and faster response. I enjoy the multiple dashboards, specifically the network operations center view. This is my go-to to visually […]

Network Manager - Moreno Valley Unified School District
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Netreo’s staff is extremely responsive, assisting us with our needs and desires to use OmniCenter as a worthwhile tool in our environment. They have great expertise in their product and in how to help us tackle the challenges we face when attempting to holistically monitor and maintain our technology. Netreo allows us to monitor our […]

Director of Information and Instructional Technology, CTTO - Val Verde Unified School District
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Netreo is quick to set up and one can start getting value within a few hours. If you are looking for the easy button, Netreo is for you. A breeze to set up, and covers all the basics. Netreo helps with hybrid cloud server monitoring and Microsoft 365 health monitoring. Netreo is truly a “set […]

CTO - Whitlock IS
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Trusted by Customers Globally

Netreo Monitors Over Half a Billion Devices on a Daily Basis

Netreo provides visibility from the business service to the underlying infrastructure and network that supports it. With real time visibility, you get alerts into what’s failing, what bottlenecks exist and who is impacted. Netreo becomes a critical part of your decision support system for day to day action, capacity planning and architecting modern solutions.

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