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The Smart & Secure Network Management Solution

A truly unified, smart and secure solution, Netreo captures real-time, granular data on the health of your entire network and delivers everything you need, intelligently and securely, to optimize performance while simplifying administration.


Ensure your Azure ExpressRoute is running without failures. Get immediately notified of any connections down or other failed activities.

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Track a wide range of performance metrics. Get alerted whenever metric values get out of the expected range, and resolve issues before failures occur.

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Based on the observations and analysis of data gathered, Powershell scripts can be executed against your ExpressRoute to remediate issues that may be detected.

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Full-Stack Network Visibility

Netreo provides comprehensive visibility into every end-point, application, server and service in your enterprise network, no matter how complex your mix of new and legacy tech. With a consolidated view of critical metrics on every device - including data from other tools - IT teams have the actionable insights they need to maximize productivity, optimize resources and deliver a great user experience.

Comprehensive Performance Monitoring

Ensure the health, responsiveness and performance of business-critical applications with a single view of real-time metrics for your cloud, hybrid and on-premises resources. Actionable insights drive superior incident management, plus historical trend analysis improves long-term efficiency.

  • Confirm all device configurations & groupings optimize resource performance
  • Ensure business-specific customizations reduce MTTR & streamline administration
  • Confirm network connectivity & performance align with business needs

Traffic Management

Automated and intelligent, Netreo Traffic Management analyzes application-level traffic patterns and presents valuable insights to business and IT leaders for pinpoint troubleshooting, faster issue resolution and proactive decision making.

  • Simple, yet comprehensive, multi-vendor monitoring & data collection
  • Intelligent automation improves data accuracy & reduces admin burden
  • Integrated incident management drives efficiency & performance

Configuration Management

Presenting real-time and historic metrics in a single view of all your cloud, hybrid and on-premises resources, Netreo ensures the health, responsiveness and performance of business-critical applications with actionable insights for real-time adjustments and long-term planning.

  • Automated device identification, onboarding & configuration
  • Real-time & scheduled bulk configuration changes with complete logging & auditing of device changes
  • Automated compliance support with notification of non-compliant configurations & automated remediation

SD-WAN Monitoring

As enterprises and MSPs embrace SD-WAN technology, Netreo continues to improve and expand support. Netreo automatically detects and adds SD-WAN resources as managed devices, then collects and presents critical metrics for performance optimization for Cisco Meraki, Silver Peak Aruba, Velocloud, Viptela, Versa and FlexiWAN.

  • Maximize efficiency & performance of virtual & static WAN resources with real-time availability monitoring
  • Easily monitor & ensure optimum connectivity & performance from cloud providers
  • Confirm dynamic resource allocations are always optimizing cost/performance

Multi-Vendor Device Support

Netreo comes standard with thousands of integrations, leveraging industry standards, pre-built integrations and manufacturer APIs to collect the metrics you need from the resources you rely on most. A growing ecosystem of leading industry vendors and collaboration partners ensures ongoing, comprehensive integrations with key third-party resources, whether standards-based, function-, device- or environment-specific.

Monitoring Protocols

Netreo includes fault, performance, configuration and traffic monitoring via Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), Windows Service Management (WSMAN), Powershell, Secure Shell (SSH), Service checking, Syslog, Windows Event Log, Flows (sFlow, cFlow, Netflow, IPFIX), Internet Protocol Service Level Agreement (IPSLA) and various API integrations with proprietary environments.

Data Collection

A clientless and agentless architecture enables hassle-free, low overhead data collection by utilizing industry standard protocols and APIs already present on all managed devices and applications. Eliminating agents also means that critical applications aren’t competing for resources with management software. Variable data collection intervals and high data efficiency over low-speed lines, including volume-limited cellular connections, provides better support for large retail, banking and payment network customers.

The Metrics that Matter

Context is key, and Netreo simplifies how you turn data into the metrics that matter. Support for customized KPIs, acceptable anomalies and other business-specific parameters meansthe metrics you capture always include the actionable insights you need.

  • Memory & CPU usage
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Throughput
  • Availability
  • Latency
  • Connectivity
  • Error Rates
  • Response times
  • Jitter
  • Packet loss
  • TCP retransmission
  • Network speed
  • Packet duplication
  • Packet reordering

Netreo’s Smart & Secure Architecture

The smart choice for network management solutions, Netreo is SOC II Type 2 compliant and the only IT infrastructure monitoring solution to maintain Veracode Verified Team certification status for every SaaS and on-premises customer. All customer deployments include award-winning customer support, with SaaS customers enjoying the accessibility, ease of use and flexibility that comes with modern cloud environments. On-premises customers enjoy the low overhead and superior security benefits of a fully self-contained, open virtual appliance (OVA). Netreo’s OVA architecture also supports fully air-gapped on-premises monitoring, which is ideal for the ultra-strict security requirements of government agencies and highly regulated finance, banking, healthcare and insurance industries.

Intelligent Automation

Fuel better business results and improve data security with intelligent automation that streamlines mission-critical tasks and eliminates manual, labor-intensive processes prone to human error. With automated device discovery, topology mapping, incident response, report generation and so much more, Netreo keeps leadership informed and IT teams proactive with actionable insights on the metrics that matter most.

Automated Device Discovery, Onboarding & Configuration

Netreo automates device discovery, on-boarding and configuration as new devices are deployed and automatically adds configured devices to appropriate groups, dashboards and reports. An intuitive UI and customizable dashboards shorten training time, reduce administration and equip IT personnel with the data they need to quickly implement performance improvements.

  • Zero-touch onboarding accurately configures devices without administrative intervention
  • Customizable Auto Configuration Rules ensure resources are consistently provisioned properly based on device names, ports, workflows, SNMP values & more
  • Cascading Templates enable the provisioning of configuration rules on like devices without administrative oversight

Automated Topology Mapping

Eliminating the need to manually lay out maps for every location, Netreo automatically generates geographic and topological maps, as well enabling users to create their own customized maps for business workflows and applications. CDP, LLDP and other technologies automatically discover your network topology at Layer 2 and 3 and simplify mapping. All maps are updated dynamically with status and performance information.

  • Visualize your entire organization’s IT estate through customized maps, dashboards & real-time views
  • Single click into specific locations & instantly resolve issues for any configured device
  • Streamline mapping with automatic device assignments to geographic locations upon discovery

Pre-Built Service Checks

Netreo Service Checks perform intelligent testing of applications to detect issues that elude many management platforms, such as page errors or defacement on web servers (even web servers requiring login), mail server problems and frozen but running applications. A diverse array of tests is supported and include running processes, opening ports and running Windows services. Service Checks also support user-customizable SQL, Powershell or SSH tests, where a custom query can be run and the status determined from parsing the results.

Intelligent Alerting

Supporting custom thresholds, anomaly detection and business-specific customizations, Netreo eliminates false alerts, delivers pinpoint root cause analysis and significantly reduces MTTR. Netreo will automatically test and retest failed services at user-defined intervals and features automated issue resolution, further streamlining administration by suppressing everything but meaningful alerts.

Intelligent Incident Management

Netreo helps IT teams quickly move from reactive alert response to intelligent incident management. Event correlation shields IT teams from alert fatigue, while automation and flexible self-learning fuel greater team efficiency.

  • Event correlation immediately reduces overall alerts
  • Anomaly detection & customizable thresholds improves issue resolution
  • Automatic re-testing of failed services suppresses false alarms
  • Automated issue resolution learns from business-specific parameters to improve resource efficiency

Reporting & Analytics

Integrated throughout the entire monitoring platform, the Netreo real-time reporting engine enables you to convert virtually any page, view or dashboard into an on-demand or scheduled report. Creating reports requires no external reporting tools, scripting or SQL knowledge and include highly useful and efficient features:

  • Drill-down capabilities for accessing business-critical data behind captured metrics
  • Distribute reports regularly on-demand or based on user-defined schedules
  • Easily shareable in HTML, CSV or PDF formats
  • Include charts and graphs suitable for executive and stakeholder presentations

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