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ITSM Connector Solution in Log Analytics

By: Netreo
March 28, 2024

Microsoft Azure has announced the connectivity of IT Service Management and Azure action groups. Developers can easily create and re-use the action group by using a function like sending an email or SMS. Once the alert is fired, the user gets permission from ITSM Action to create a work item in the connected ITSM tool.

Relation between ITSM Connector Solution and Log Analytics

Azure Log Analytics is the highest connection build on IT Service Management Connector Solution. The user can set a bi-directional connection with ITSM tool by using ITSM connector solution. It also supports various other systems like ServiceNow, Cherwell, System Center Service Management, and Provence. Following are the advanced features of IT Service Connector Management:

Create Work Items: You can create work item manually or when a Log Analytics alert fires. Here, the term work items implicate alerts, incidents, and events.

Combined Power of Help Desk Data: By combing the power of help desk data, you can migrate an incident quickly and the examples of combining the help desk data can be an incident, performance, and configuration changes.

Get Insights: Use Azure Log Analysis platform to get insights from the incidents.

How to Use New ITSM Tool

It is very simple to start using ITSM tool. Before starting it, you need to install and configure the IT Service Management Connector Solution in Log Analytics. Following are the steps you need to perform once the configuration is done.

  1. Click on the Monitor option and then Action groups.

ITSM Connector Solution in Log Analytics

  • Fill the fields Name and ShortName in the action group and later select the Resource Group and Subscription to accomplish the task of group creation.

Short Name - ITSM Connector Solution in Log Analytics

  • Choose Subscription in the Log Analytics workspace and then connect connection.

Log Analytics Subscription - ITSM Connector Solution in Log Analytics

  • Open the drop-down menu and select Work Item.
  • Choose the ITSM product and click OK.

The user needs to use the Action Group to edit the Azure alert rule and a work item is created in the ITSM tool when an alert is triggered.

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