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Latest Updates on Azure Data Lake Tools for VSCode

By: Netreo
July 25, 2017

Microsoft has released the July updates of the Azure Data Lake tools for Visual Studio code. Imbued with a rich collection of development functions, Microsoft has also added the following major features for C# code:

  • Refined Azure Data Lake integration services (ADLA & ADLS).
  • Refactoring the components.
  • Latest methodologies for bug fixing.

Azure Data Lake Tools are basically an extension which aims to provide you with a light weight, cross-platform and a keyboard-oriented coding experience for U-SQL while maintaining a pretty well-endowed collection of development functions.

microsoft azure data lake tools for VSCode

Local Running for Windows Users:

This update enables the user to test the local data by giving the user, privilege of running the programs locally.

  • Use Command ADL:

From the options of the Data Lake Tools, click on Start Local Run Service. Assuming you are a first timer, enter 3 to set up your data root after the console shows up. Once you are done with setting up the environment, select Submit Job which will submit your work to your local account. Once the job has been submitted, you can see the details of submission by clicking on the jobURL, which is shown in the output window. Moreover, you can also check the submission status directly from the console.

Local Debugging for Window Users:

This option of local debugging enables the users not only to debug the C# code, but also stepping through code and validating the code prior to its submission to ADLA.

  • Use command ADL: Just like before, select Start Local Run Service and create a breakpoint. If you’ve already created one, just set it. Click on ADL: Local Debug, which will initiate local debugging. You can view the debug stats, control parameters, variables and also enjoy the privilege of viewing call-stack information as well.

Assembly Registration and File Uploading through Configuration:

Select the Register Assembly Through Configuration if you want to register your assembly along with registering the assembly dependencies and uploading the resources via a normal configuration. Using the command ADL: Upload File through Configuration, the user can upload several files via a simple configuration process.

How to Get Started:

  1. Install Visual Studio.
  2. Download the pre-required files like JRE 1.8.x, Mono 4.2.x (Mac or Linux).
  3. .Net Core.
  4. Get ADL tools from VSCode Extension Repository or VSCode marketplace.

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