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By: NetreoNoaa
March 19, 2019

Introducing the New OmniCenter Mobile App

Netreo has released the next version of our mobile application, the New OmniCenter Mobile App

In line with our mission of providing network and infrastructure visibility as simply as possible and without additional burdens to already complex implementations, Netreo has released the next version of our mobile application, OmniCenter Mobile.

This new release is built on our patent-pending – security broker cloud connection architecture that uses a cloud-based approach to providing simple but secure access to on-premise data. All live and historical overviews, device dashboards, and every statistic collected and stored within an OmniCenter implementation are now available through our mobile app with anytime/anywhere access for all mobile users.

Now, OmniCenter administrators can make their entire implementation available to their authorized mobile users—anytime, anywhere, with virtually no effort required for setup.

System and Network Administrators now have the freedom and peace of mind of knowing that when something goes wrong, no matter where they are or what they’re doing, they’ll have immediate access to the richest data available to make their decisions. No longer is there any need for complex VPNs, layers of secure DMZ servers and services, or dashing to the office for physical access. Netreo’s OmniCenter and OmniCenter Mobile now solve all of those problems for them, allowing them to make the decisions and take the actions they need to in order to support your users in total freedom.

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