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April 20, 2021

Netreo Expands APM Capabilities with Strategic Acquisition of Stackify

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) Capabilities Strengthen Netreo’s Current and Long-Term Growth Initiatives

Huntington Beach, Calif. – April 20, 2021 – Netreo, the award-winning platform for IT infrastructure management (ITIM) and one of Inc. 5000’s fastest growing companies, today announced the acquisition of Stackify, a developer-centric provider of SaaS application performance monitoring (APM) solutions. The acquisition strengthens Netreo’s full-stack IT monitoring and AIOps offerings by giving customers improved application performance management, centralized logging, full transaction tracing, deployment tracking capabilities and greater visibility into continuous improvement/continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows.

Netreo helps technology leaders drive greater visibility, automation, and performance into their IT operations through its full-stack, AIOps-driven IT monitoring platform and Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) solutions. The addition of Stackify’s developer and devops-centric APM capabilities deepens observability capabilities needed to serve the growing $30+ billion IT Operations Management software market.

“The acceleration of digital transformation and the rise of remote work this past year have made it even more critical for business and technology leaders to have actionable insights on the quality of internal and external digital customer experiences – more intelligently, efficiently and securely,” said Jasmin Young, CEO at Netreo. “The combined capabilities of Netreo and Stackify will enable developers, DevOps, IT and business leaders to have AIOps-driven end-to-end observability and rapid incident resolution for their cloud and on-premises IT infrastructure. We are delighted to welcome the Stackify team and community to the Netreo family.”

Stackify’s Retrace is an easy-to-use APM toolset trusted by thousands of customers in more than 50 countries to deliver faster time-to-value and proactively improve application performance by providing the critical insights developers need to deploy better applications faster. The agent-based solution helps both developers (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams quickly troubleshoot problems and identify ways to optimize code by:

  • Delivering full visibility of application development operations from pre-development to production;
  • Driving improved, seamless collaboration between Dev and Ops teams through a consolidated, single-pane-of-glass UI;
  • Accelerating time to value through full-featured, easy-to-use tools for quickly identifying and resolving production issues; and,
  • Integrating code profiling, error tracking and application logs with real-time details on how long code takes to perform certain tasks

Also new to the Netreo portfolio is Prefix, the free programming tool that actively profiles, tests and validates code as it is written and traces issues for easy resolution. Prefix guarantees optimal application performance by helping even the most experienced developers find slow and underperforming SQL queries, hidden exceptions, ORM generated queries and unknown bottlenecks before moving applications into production.

“We are thrilled to bring advanced APM capabilities to the Netreo community, and believe our combined product suite delivers best-in-class application and infrastructure monitoring to our customers,” said Matt Watson, Founder and CEO at Stackify. “I look forward to working with leadership and technology teams dedicated to delivering easy-to-use IT solutions that advance our customers’ business objectives, and to leading the development of exciting new solutions that address customer needs in new, high-growth markets.”

Stackify Founder and CEO Matt Watson assumes the role of CTO for Netreo effective immediately and will focus on the integration of core capabilities and the ongoing development of customer-centric technology solutions. Before founding Stackify, the entrepreneur and technologist was the co-founder of Full Scale, a technology services company that helps businesses build teams of software engineers, and co-founder and CTO of VinSolutions, an auto dealership inventory management, website, CRM and internet marketing product that was sold to AutoTrader.com.

The Stackify acquisition marks the second acquisition in nine months for Netreo, which also acquired Chicago-based cloud infrastructure monitoring company CloudMonix in June 2020.

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