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Driving Service Improvements and Value in IT Operations

Driving Service Improvements and Value in IT Operations

Paul Almany (Co-founder & VP, Technology at Whitlock IS) explores best practices for identifying, capturing, and executing opportunities to drive business value through IT Operations. More specifically, he will dive into:

  • Establishing a culture of value
  • Practical approaches to facilitate the pursuit of value
  • Identifying and capturing opportunities for business value
  • Evaluating and prioritizing pursuit of opportunities
  • Tracking and communicating status of pursuits

Webinar Presenter

Paul Almany

Paul Almany

VP, Technical Consulting


Paul Almany, co-founder of Whitlock, has over 25 years of experience in the application of technology to both enterprise and service provider environments. He served in development, support, operations, engineering and management roles. As Vice President of Technology at Whitlock, Paul leads the Consulting group and works with the management team to define strategic and tactical initiatives for the company.

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