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Supermarket Chain

A major supermarket chain in the Southern US required a unified system under a single product line that allowed for upscaling. Consolidating all of their platforms into Netreo’s easy to use UI increased efficiency by 77%.

Massive Healthcare Organization

A leading healthcare organization in the Northeastern US needed a consolidated network monitoring solution that provides a single global view of the whole enterprise. Netreo provided the backbone for a functioning and cooperative IT department while also cutting costs.


Embee needed a solution that provided deeper visibility into customers’ mission-critical Azure and AWS resources than the native tools provided by Microsoft and AWS. CloudMonix by Netreo made it simple for Embee to extend the platform and was the perfect fit for their service.

Machine Learning Applications for Data Center Management

The data center is a remarkably complex structure. However, they are crucial to the everyday running of even the smallest businesses and enterprises. Whether in-house, cloud, or hybrid, the average data center management requires specialist knowledge and meticulous oversight for max efficiency.

The Ultimate Guide to Reducing Monitoring Noise

We’re not going to sugar coat it – network management is a drag. The most common pain points we hear customers talking about are a lack of a single view into all of IT, over-alerting, and the admin overhead required to keep the whole thing working.

Application Performance Monitoring

An application is not just a small part of any business. It would be wise enough to say that an application itself is a company’s business in today’s digital world.


A lack of standardization and minimal best practices, plus the use of a multitude of siloed monitoring and management tools, had the SimonMed IT team flying blind when it came to the performance, availability, and utilization of their infrastructure.

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