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AI/ML IRL: What it’s like to work as a data scientist

AI/ML IRL: What It's Like to Work as a Data Scientist - Netreo IT Infrastructure Management

In this session, Dave will cover what it’s like to work as an Applied Data Scientist in industry and will discuss everything from coming up with good hunches, the tao of feature engineering, how to avoid model fixation, and the difference between thinking deterministically versus probabilistically. He’ll cover the tool-chain pro data scientists use, what it is like to be embedded in a product team, and how to develop your career in one of the fastest growing technical disciplines.

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Dave Lemphers



Dave Lemphers is a serial entrepreneur, inventor, engineer, and applied data scientist. In his current role at AWS, he works with founders to identify and adopt leading edge technologies. Prior to AWS, he co-founded and successfully exited four AI startups, has authored 3 US patents on AI and ML, worked on deep learning systems as an Applied Data Scientist at Microsoft, and serves as the CTO in Residence at Techstars. He holds degrees in Computer Science, Software Engineering, and Law.

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