High Availability

Non-Stop Network Management

Customers with truly mission-critical environments, from 911 emergency response systems to the largest and most connected cloud, healthcare, retail, and financial companies rely on OmniCenter to provide non-stop visibility.

If your network absolutely, positively has to be up no matter what, you can rely on OmniCenter to monitor it through the use of our High-Availability (HA) options. OmniCenter can be implemented as a VMWare-based virtual appliance, or as a dedicated high-performance hardware appliance.

When using hardware appliances, basic reliability is achieved through redundancy in a single chassis. All of our appliances (except the base model 100) incorporate redundant RAID hard drives, cooling, and power supplies. These systems offer very high single-system Mean-time-between-failures (MTBF) for environments where downtime is undesirable. In a virtual-appliance environment, High Availability can be easily achieved using built-in VMWare features such as vMotion and Site Recovery Manager (SRM).

For true non-stop visibility, the highest level of availability is achieved through the use of an High Availability Network Management appliance. In this solution, a second OmniCenter appliance is installed as a ‘HA standby’ configuration which mirrors all configuration and data from the primary server. The HA appliance monitors the primary unit in real-time and will take over the alerting, reporting, and user-interface functions of the primary should it fail for any reason.

The HA appliance can be installed at the same location for instant seamless failover using a virtual IP, or at a geographically separate location for disaster recovery.

OmniCenter HA offers a level of redundancy that is normally expensive and difficult to achieve in an enterprise network management solution,  at a very affordable cost.

Additional Information

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