Monitor user experience for your cloud applications

OmniCenter is an ideal tool to monitor user experience for mission-critical public or private cloud applications. Many enterprises are moving their mission-critical applications to the cloud, but relying on your cloud provider to do all the monitoring leaves much to be desired.

Detecting user performance slowdowns before the users call with complaints is critical to  gaining acceptance of cloud-based applications.

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OmniCenter includes a number of performance and availability monitors that are designed to verify the functionality and performance of public or private cloud-based applications.

OmniCenter uses a combination of real-time monitoring, polling, alerting, and synthetic transactions to allow you to monitor cloud applications on any platform, including Google Apps for Business, Microsoft Office 365, Amazon EC2 and AWS, SalesForce, and other cloud-based applications. No other solution offers this comprehensive approach, insuring that your users have rapid access to your critical applications whenever they need it.

Real-time and Historical reports on availability, SLA, response time, and detailed application performance allow you to insure your cloud-based services are being delivered to your users as reliably and efficiently as your local services, and to hold your cloud providers accountable to their contractual service-level agreements.