Configuration & Device Management

OmniCenter has a powerful, easy-to-use, and practical Network Change and Configuration Management (NCCM) module built-in that provides complete and effective automated detection and logging of device configuration changes, drastically reducing the time required to troubleshoot and repair network issues related to configuration problems. This level of instant visibility can also eliminate configuration changes as a possible cause of outages quickly, allowing technical personnel to focus on the actual problems and not waste time trying to determine “who changed what.”

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Simple Yet Powerful Configuration Management

With real-time access to device commands that can be interactively executed via the secure OmniCenter web interface, engineers don’t have to waste valuable time connecting to multiple devices to run simple commands. With just a few clicks, commands can be executed on one or many remote devices, and the results can be searched and returned to the browser instantly.

Comprehensive Archive of Device Configurations

Archives of device configurations can also be downloaded to provide unlimited archival options for regulatory compliance or change control. OmniCenter also includes automated port scanning functionality, to quickly spot new or potentially unauthorized applications on network attached devices, and can automatically alert administrators or network managers to take immediate action.