Easy Administration

OmniCenter is designed to make access to information as quick and simple as possible, allowing any organization to spend less time ‘managing the management platform’ and more time focusing on their core business. Administration is simple and intuitive, even in large and complex heterogeneous internetworks. Different types of devices are presented in a consistent format, making multiple-platform management easy.

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Template-based administration

All of the thresholds, services, authentication information, and other device settings can be placed into device ‘templates’ that allow for an easy way to make sure all of the settings for a given type or role of a device are applied and maintained uniformly. OmniCenter also keeps a comprehensive log of administrative configuration changes, providing an auditing trail which can be searched or archived for regulatory compliance or change control.

Near-Zero Administration

By automating most repetitive maintenance tasks and using intelligent decoupling technology to prevent polling errors, OmniCenter reduces the routine maintenance tasks to near-zero, freeing personnel to spend less time ‘managing the management platform.’ Intelligent design and default settings allow for minimal administration and quick deployment. OmniCenter also simplifies user and permissions administration by integrating with Active Directory, LDAP, or SAML authentication systems.