Traffic Monitor

OmniCenter Traffic Monitor is a Flow-based network traffic analysis solution that is a seamlessly integrated part of Netreo’s OmniCenter product. Like all OmniCenter products, it is designed to be cost-effective, easy-to-deploy, and simple to use and administer.

OmniCenter Traffic Monitor allows IT managers to quickly gain complete visibility into network traffic patterns to see what your users are doing. Yet unlike existing traffic analysis solutions, OmniCenter Traffic Monitor can be quickly installed without deploying probes and is architected to deliver a clean view into network traffic without the need for time-consuming management and maintenance.

Designed to collect data from existing network devices that are compatible with Netflow, sFlow, or IPFIX, OmniCenter Traffic Monitor can handle over a million connections per sec0nd and allows you to identify not just how much bandwidth your remote users are using, but exactly what they are using it for, allowing you to solve performance problems quickly and seamlessly.

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OmniCenter Traffic Monitor provides:

  • Immediate visibility into top users, applications, and conversations
  • In-Depth reporting and search capabilities
  • Easy administration and low overhead
  • Long-term trend visibility with 3 years of stored history
  • User-customizable application reports
  • Centralized reporting with no probes to install

Understand your actual traffic patterns

OmniCenter Traffic Monitor provides clear visibility into actual, user and application-level network traffic, allowing IT managers to make informed decisions about network management and resource allocation. It offers a broad range of monitoring options, all controlled through an intuitive AJAX-enabled web interface and delivered in clear, readily understood graphical reports.

OmniCenter Traffic Monitor includes a long list of default application definitions, and users can further define custom applications by multiple criteria, allowing complex applications to be easily visualized. Users can gain instant access to visual reports of top applications, sites, subnets, interfaces, conversations and user traffic volume.