Hassle-Free Purchasing

We’ve removed all of the packaging hurdles typically associated with deploying an Enterprise-class Network Management System. With OmniCenter, it’s all about choices and flexibility.

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Our simplified pricing includes all OmniCenter features, with no modules or complications. Our easy to understand device-count licensing means it’s easy to figure out exactly how many licenses you need. And since OmniCenter is completely self-contained, there’s no hidden costs for databases, anti-virus, or operating systems to worry about.

Start Small or Start Big

OmniCenter includes all the Enterprise features at no extra cost. Configure the basic modules to start, then configure additional monitors and features as you need them. We’re always here to help you if you need it.

Stop trying to count ports and hard drives


OmniCenter makes licensing simple. Every device under management, whether it is a 2-port file server or a 200 port switch is still just a single device license. There’s no mystery, and no guesswork required.

Select the Platform That Fits Your Needs


If you have available VMWare, Scale Computing, or Hyper-V Host resources, deploy OmniCenter as a Virtual Appliance instantly. If not, we’ll pre-configure a Hardware Appliance and ship it directly to you.