Keep a closer eye on your email performance

Monitor end-to-end email performance, even in the cloud, using the OmniCenter Mail Dashboard. An integrated feature in Netreo’s OmniCenter network management appliance, it provides a single pane-of-glass view into your enterprise email environment – even if you outsource to the Cloud. Get instant, in-depth visibility to end-to-end mail performance, including cloud-based and hosted mail solutions like Google Mail or Office 365. If you host your own mail servers, in-depth performance statistics and monitoring is supported for all versions of Microsoft Exchange Server as well.

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Monitor end-to-end email performance, even in the cloud

OmniCenter will automatically send and receive email end-to-end and measure performance through each step of the process, to quickly identify mail failures, without waiting hours for the users to notice that they’re not getting mail from the Internet.

Real-time status and alerts are displayed in the OmniCenter Mail dashboard interface, and may be forwarded via virtually any alerting mechanism (email, SMS, etc.) to the appropriate department or personnel for immediate attention. Automatic root-cause and dependency detection are supported, as are ‘conditional’ alerts, so you can decide how (and if) you want to be notified if your backup systems are in use. All historical trending data – such as uptime, performance, exceeded-threshold, and application availability – is archived for reporting purposes. Reports can be run directly from the web interface with no pre-configuration, or scheduled and automatically emailed out daily, weekly, or monthly.

In Microsoft Exchange environments, OmniCenter integrates with Microsoft’s API interfaces (such as WMI and PowerShell) to gather detailed performance information about actual server performance, message transfer agent (MTA) statistics, and queues. Even during low-traffic periods when no emails are being sent, OmniCenter will continue to use synthetic end-to-end mail transactions to detect potential issues before they affect users.