Automated Mapping

OmniCenter’s mapping functionality provides instant visual confirmation of network and device status for any size enterprise, with minimal configuration and maintenance.
OmniCenter provides many different types of visualization for web users.

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Dynamic Geographic Maps

 OmniCenter automatically plots the locations of your sites on the map, and populates them with status, threshold, and availability data, so that no additional configuration is required.

Topology mapping without configuration

Automatic topology detection allows you to visualize the current topological configuration of your network, without having to manually layout maps for every location. Integration with Bing mapping means that a single click from the global map can zoom you into a specific location to view the devices configured there, and instantly see any issues.


Custom Maps show you the data the way you want to see it

OmniCenter’s custom maps allow administrators to upload their own custom images and superimpose status data onto them, which is then updated in real-time. This allows visualization in a format you’re already familiar with, whether that is a logical diagram of your network devices, a flow-chart of your application, or a map of your campus or datacenter.