Virtualization Management

In a virtual server environment, tracking the performance of your applications and environment and determining the cause of performance slowdowns can become much more difficult. Existing tools don’t provide an easy way to get proactive alerts, or an effective dashboard into the entire environment to make it easy to spot potential issues before they impact users.

Finally, VMWare environments have a true single-pane-of-glass with Netreo’s OmniCenter Virtualization module. OmniCenter provides the solution to manage real-world performance in your virtual environment, allowing for deeper visibility with detailed real-time and historical information about clusters, resource pools, host systems, and the guests and applications that run on them.

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  • Get a single-pane-of-glass dashboard into your entire virtual environment
  • Seamlessly and automatically map virtual guests to physical hosts, clusters, and storage resources
  • Reclaim underutilized and overconfigured storage, RAM, and virtual guests to improve performance
  • Quickly identify the cause of performance bottlenecks and slowdowns

See what’s happening throughout the virtual environment… and the entire enterprise

Virtual environments often include useful information about performance, but companies often struggle with difficult and complex user interfaces, false alarms, confusing configurations, and lack the ability to see everything in the environment in a single pane of glass.

OmniCenter solves that problem by providing real-time dashboards, alerts, and historical reporting for your virtual environment, allowing you to quickly see any pending issues or bottlenecks, and quickly identifying the guests and applications that caused them.

Getting the most ROI out of your virtual environment

Much of the cost benefit of implementing virtualization can be realized through careful over-subscription of physical resources, yet many organizations don’t take full advantage because they lack enough information to do so without impacting user performance.

OmniCenter provides the information and statistics you need to make intelligent decisions about your environment based on real empirical data. With real-time visibility into available host and cluster resources, you can instantly identify available resources, compare configured resources to actual utilization, and know for sure how many more guests can safely be added without impacting critical application performance.

No agents or clients to install – Virtually zero-administration

OmniCenter automatically identifies new clients, hosts, and datastores as they are added and collects extensive performance metrics immediately, allowing you to instantly identify bottlenecks and isolate their cause. Extensive storage statistics are collected for each datastore, instantly identifying resource hogs and avoid storage-related slowdowns.

Identify I/O Bottlenecks

OmniCenter automatically identifies datastores and collects extensive performance metrics on the hosts and guests that use them, allowing you to instantly identify I/O related bottlenecks and isolate their cause. Additionally, storage latency statistics are collected for each host using the datastore, helping you to better distribute systems across hosts and avoid storage-related slowdowns. OmniCenter also identifies storage used by inactive systems and snapshots, helping you optimize your storage resources, and allowing you to reclaim space to reduce the need to purchase more storage.