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Introducing Netreo AIOps: Autopilot

Join Netreo Product Manager, Andy Markowitz, for a live look at AIOps: Autopilot, the first product featuring data models that combine artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) technology with 20 years of network management system (NMS) configuration and monitoring data.

AIOps: Autopilot extends the capabilities of the Netreo full-stack IT management solution, which enables enterprises to easily measure the state, impact and operation of IT resources, so they can focus on their core business.

AIOps: Autopilot runs in the background of a Netreo deployment and constantly scans the configuration to make sure it is always tuned properly. When issues or potential improvements are found, AIOps: Autopilot will either automatically fix the problem or provide engineers suggested remediations using AI and ML algorithms applied against previously gathered historical data. Significantly, AIOps: Autopilot automatically learns from every successive execution and gets smarter, so that it can both reduce unnecessary alerts and preemptively correct more issues over time.

AIOps: Autopilot builds on Netreo’s solid backbone of other AI- and ML-based technologies, such as anomalistic behavior detection, automatic dependency mapping, and event correlations. Although it gets better at its job the longer it runs in an environment, AIOps: Autopilot also comes with an array of extensions out-of-the-box to give operations teams a head start. These extensions provide the ability to:

  • Automatically baseline thresholds against historical values and exceptions to minimize false-positives and alert noise.
  • Model all metrics against best-practice key performance indicators (KPIs) to ensure there are no blind spots.
  • Learn system and environment changes, and change the monitoring infrastructure to automatically adapt.

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