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Path Insight: Hop-by-Hop Network Path Analysis

Total Visibility for Troubleshooting Today’s Hybrid Networks

Using Netreo Path Insight gives you unprecedented visibility into network paths, regardless of where your remote users are, what applications they use most and the path that’s used to access business-critical data. Ensuring the highest quality of service to all users is a core IT responsibility. Simplifying how you get that done is what Netreo is all about.

Who Benefits?

The dramatic increase in remote workers adds yet another level of complexity to managing enterprise IT infrastructures, most of which already span a hybrid mix of on-premises, private and public clouds. Path Insight simplifies how IT organizations deliver secure, optimum performance to all users by providing a visual, hop-by-hop analysis along critical network paths. No matter how complex your IT infrastructure, Path Insight tracks performance, traffic and configuration metrics across hybrid networks for deeper insights, improved troubleshooting and faster time to issue resolution.

What Benefits?

IT Leadership

With IT teams equipped with a single, best-in-class tool that supports business objectives, increases efficiency and saves money, IT leadership can have the peace of mind to focus on more strategic initiatives that further improve business results.

IT Engineering

By displaying a visual, interactive, hop-by-hop depiction of network traffic, IT engineering can instantly identify problem areas down to the network node, dramatically reducing troubleshooting efforts and MTTR.

IT Operations

 Tool consolidation, pinpoint troubleshooting and reduced MTTR helps IT operations improve the user experience, while reducing administrative burden and increasing team productivity and efficiency.

Why Path Insight?

Simplifying enterprise infrastructure monitoring starts with consolidating the tools your team uses, and Netreo gives customers comprehensive visibility into every end-point, application, server and service in a single tool. Adding Path Insight turns Netreo into the proverbial Swiss Army Knife™ in your arsenal, dramatically improving the efficiency of your IT team with a single solution.

Path Insight turns the route every packet takes into a visual histogram backed with deep performance statistics. By streamlining incident recognition and visually pinpointing the exact location of issues, Path Insight speeds time to resolution and helps you deliver a great customer experience, while reducing overhead and TCO.

Path Analysis For Your Entire Infrastructure

Path Insight efficiently navigates cloud, hybrid and on-premises infrastructures to create an end-to-end map of how information and applications are delivered to end users. Map elements quickly identify performance issues, and an intuitive UI reveals deep performance statistics by simply hovering over the resources in the path you’re investigating. Maps include an accompanying chart, providing packet loss and latency metrics in time-stamped intervals with further drill down capabilities. Netreo’s dynamic, user-friendly interface supports custom dashboards with consolidated, personalized views, giving IT teams unprecedented visibility into enterprise computing resources and the most comprehensive way to improve customer satisfaction.


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