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Automate Your Urgent Mission-Critical Tasks

Mission-critical tasks can’t wait. But when you spend all of your time in a reactionary fire-fighting mode, you sacrifice efficiency and sustainability just keeping the lights on. This hurts long-term business operations. With Netreo, you can intelligently automate mission-critical tasks like outage reports, root-cause analysis, and mapping to help you keep your eyes off your dashboards and instead on the future of your organization.

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Automated Reporting

Netreo’s reporting engine is meant to be self-contained and has full automation capabilities. We provide statistics from virtually any device on your network: Bandwidth. Errors. CPU. Memory. Disc. You name it. We use automated reports to turn performance into usable statistical data or information to assist IT managers, engineers, and anyone else in the business or IT decision-making process.

These reports can include multi-year tables, graphs, pie charts and more. And because Netreo stores three years of historical trending data by default, you get instant access to trends and comparative long-term historical analysis.

Automated Mapping

Netreo’s automated mapping functionality provides instant visual confirmation of network and device status for any size enterprise, with minimal configuration and maintenance.

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Automatically Generate Dynamic Geographic Maps

Netreo automatically plots the locations of your sites on the map, and populates them with status, threshold, and availability data so that no additional configuration is required.

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Topology Mapping Without Configuration

Automatic topology detection allows you to visualize the current topological configuration of your network without having to manually lay out maps for every location. A single click can zoom you into a specific location to instantly resolve issues for any configured device.

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Customized, Personalized Map Data

Administrators can upload custom images status data, which is then updated in real time. This allows visualization in a familiar format, such as a logical diagram of your network devices, a flow-chart of your application, or a map of your campus or datacenter.

5 Little-Known Ways to Simplify Systems and Network Monitoring

Some of the most common challenges in systems and network management include consistently being stuck firefighting issues instead of preventing them, too much administrative overhead, and over-alerting. To help overcome these issues, we’ve identified 5 simple ways to simplify monitoring within your IT infrastructure.

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Automated Root-Cause Analysis

Root-cause Analysis is the systematic process of getting to the root of a problem. Did your organization suddenly get bandwidth, CPU, and DOWN alerts from three different servers on your network simultaneously? It would be highly coincidental if all three had separate and discrete failures. The reality is that each alert is likely connected in some manner.

Root-cause analysis means figuring out that relation and solving the problem at its core. From a technical standpoint, if you don’t figure out the root cause of the alerts, then the likelihood of it happening again is pretty high. From a business standpoint, when you and your team are constantly chasing your tails and troubleshooting symptoms of a problem rather than its cause, it’s an inefficient and ineffective waste of your time. Even for engineers on the front lines of IT, time is money.

Netreo’s auto-discovery capabilities helps your organization leverage automated root-cause analysis capabilities without having to seed your network monitoring system with application information.

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