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Netreo enhances management of Microsoft Azure for IT professionals by providing deep & immediate insight into the performance and availability of their Azure cloud systems and resources..

Optimize cloud costs and intelligently automate issue resolution with features like live dashboards, fully customizable and meaningful alerts, immediate notifications, automated scalability and much more.

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For DevOps, MSPs and CSPs


Start providing value to your customers in minutes with Netreo Essentials agent-less SaaS environment monitoring and automation setup.


Manage multiple customers with a single pane of glass and accelerate your service with executive alerts and white-label features.


Serve more customers efficiently by automatically computing and scaling resources and executing self-healing actions to ensure uninterrupted service.

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Netreo Essentials provides advanced cloud monitoring and automation for applications and services deployed on the Azure cloud platform. IT professionals are able to gain deep insight into their Azure applications, get immediate alerts and notifications when things go wrong, setup automated self-healing actions and much more.

Monitor performance & availability
Faster and more reliable service delivery
Reduce errors, ensure resource availability
Manage multiple customers with a single pane of glass
Automate healing recovery procedures
Auto-scale resources in real time
Monitor and react to resource changes
Real time dashboard update.Predefined configuration template
Optimize Cloud Costs

Why Netreo Essentials?

Native Azure Monitoring Netreo Essentials
Overview Azure basic monitoring available via Azure Portal Netreo Essentials extends Azure with:

– additional monitoring capabilities
– self-healing automation and auto-scaling
– 5-min setup time with preconfigured metrics and alerts
– advanced reporting features
– 24+ integrations to ITSM and other 3rd party tools
– templatable profiles
– ideal for MSP’s, CSP’s and DevOps
– much more!
Historical dashboards
Configuration templates
Fast and easy setup
Maintenance windows
Pricing based on data consumption volume, near-impossible to predict based on the number of resources, clear and stable
Dashboards & Insights
Metrics Basic Extended
Data retention Metrics: 30 days, activity log: 90 days 1 Year
Metric aggregation
Reaction time

1-5 min

1 min

Alerts on logs
3rd party integrations 4 24
Self-healing automation

basic, via Azure Automation runbooks PowerShell scripts

extended, UI-driven, no programming required


basic, programming required

advanced, UI-driven, no programming required

Automated shutdowns

single schedule

multiple schedules, custom configurations

Ad hoc, export to Excel


Automated delivery
Uptime Statistics
Executive Summary
DevOps features
Automated stability

basic, programming required

advanced, UI-driven, no programming required

API-based configuration control Limited, programming required
MSP features
Multi-tenant views
White label
ITSM integrations limited
Enterprise features
Role-based security
Data retention metrics: 30 days, activity log: 90 days 1 year
Prod vs. Dev separation
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Starter Ultimate
Get real-time insights with customizable live dashboards & historical reports. Automated, full-featured self-healing system able to auto-scale as needed.
$0 $20
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per resource/month
(minimum 5 resources)

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* Monitored resources are individual host instances monitored with Netreo Essentials servers, databases, storage accounts, websites, etc. Please refer to this support article.
** All prices are provided in the United States Dollars.

Starter Ultimate
Cost $0
(after trial expires)
per resource/month
(minimum 5 resources)
Monitoring Frequency 10 min 1 min
Customizable Live Dashboards
Historical Reports
Configuration Templates
Unlimited Metrics per Resource
API Access
Alerts and Notifications
Scheduled Reports
Integrations to 3rd Party Services
Corporate SSO (Single Sign On)
Automated VM Shutdowns
Self-Healing Automation
Scheduled Tasks

You can pay for CloudMonix via:

  • Credit card on a monthly basis
  • Check/wire on an annual basis
  • Thru Microsoft via Azure Marketplace (Note: must signup thru Marketplace to activate this option)

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