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Netreo Mobile App

View Your Entire IT Landscape in the Palm of Your Hand

Given information technology’s role in most organizations, systems and network administrators are under relentless pressure. IT resources must be up and running and healthy at all hours of the day, every day of the year. It’s no longer sufficient to rely solely on a workstation-based user interface to get visibility into your infrastructure. The Netreo mobile application acts as an extension of your monitoring platform, giving you the insight you need no matter where you’re located. There are no VPNs to manage nor extra secure servers to install. Just click a button to enable the feature and you’ve got a view of your whole environment at your fingertips.

Full Visibility and Control: A Few Swipes and Taps Away

Netreo’s Mobile Network Monitoring Application is designed for both Android and iOS devices and allows you to see the full breadth of your IT resources and incidents.

View Live Dashboards And Data

Allows you to see context for generated incidents in your infrastructure

Opt-In Alerts

End the deluge of alerts by choosing which incidents you see push notifications for

ACK/DE-Ack Incidents

Prevent further alerts and let your team know issues are being worked on

Simple to Setup

What are the biggest obstacles to getting insights about your network, systems, and applications on your smartphone? Typically, requiring adherence to a strong information security posture on one hand, while considering ease of setup on the other. Netreo Mobile strikes this balance perfectly with its integrated and secure architecture. There is no need to setup a separate server for mobile application connectivity or expose anything in your infrastructure to inbound connections from outside networks. Simply toggle the feature on or off. Key engineering personnel and IT management alike can get the status of everything in the environment regardless of office proximity or workstation availability.


Visibility to the Entire Netreo User Interface in Your Mobile Device

Context in received alerts from network management systems is paramount. However, the traditional method of communication from monitoring systems to client devices is often lacking in this regard.

Netreo provides this invaluable context by not only synchronizing and displaying complete information about all active incidents, but by also providing a view of your entire Netreo UI.

Now, right from an incident in your smartphone, you can further drill down to examine logs, view histograms for polled variables, and even acknowledge problems to prevent further notifications until the issue is resolved.

Out-of-Band Notifications

It’s crucial that your network management system application be running 24-7 to provide visibility into your mission-critical systems. However, if email alerting is your primary source of problem notification, then what happens when your internet access fails or your mail system crashes? Netreo mobile functions as an out-of-band notification system. Connectivity to the Apple and Android notification push services neutralizes the threat of an SMTP outage.

Additionally, the mobile application continually heartbeats to your core Netreo server to ensure connectivity. Loss of heartbeat will send an alert letting you know that Netreo is potentially unable to communicate with the team responsible for your infrastructure.

Advantages of the Netreo Mobile App

Netreo’s mobile management application acts as a logical extension to your current Netreo implementation, wrapped into the convenience of a native iOS or Android application.

Uses a Patented and Highly Secure Cloud Architecture

Get Live Status Updates on Your Infrastructure Without Direct Connectivity

“Opt-In” to See Only the Alerts You Want From Your Environment

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