Monitor and Manage
Your Entire IT Infrastructure

One Platform, One Source of Truth for Your Cloud and On-Prem Resources

Netreo’s full-stack IT management solution measures the state, operational status, and business impact of all your networks, systems, applications, and cloud resources. Avoid having parallel teams wasting time on troubleshooting, and quickly identify the true cause of outages with Netreo’s comprehensive full stack monitoring views.

Get Visibility Into All of Your Data – Monitor IT Infrastructure

Netreo combines real-time monitoring, polling, alerting, and synthetic transactions to monitor and manage almost any system, from on-prem networks to cloud offerings and everything in-between.

Real-time and historical reports on availability, service-level agreements, response time, and detailed application performance ensure services are being delivered reliably and efficiently.

Solutions for Any Initiative

Regardless of your need Netreo has a solution to help you increase efficiency in your monitoring processes.

Compare the Biggest Names in Network Monitoring Software

Choosing a Network IT Infrastructure Monitoring Software can be overwhelming. Netreo is the easy decision. We rank higher than our competition for all of the six G2 satisfaction rating categories.

Network Monitor IT Software - Compare LogicMonitor vs. PRTG vs. Microfocus vs. Netreo
The Best Network Monitoring IT Tool Alternative - Compare Network Monitoring Software
Network Monitor IT Software - Best LogicMonitor Alternative - Best PRTG Alternative - Best MicroFocus Alternative

Source: Summer 2020 G2 Enterprise Monitoring Report

Modern IT Infrastructure Monitor

Today’s IT infrastructures Monitoring tools are increasingly complex, heterogeneous, and multi-dimensional. It’s not about OR. It’s all about AND.

Monitor IT Infrastructure - On-Prem and in the Cloud IT Network Monitoring icon

On-Prem AND Cloud

Monitor IT Infrastructure - IT Network Monitoring Company icon

Physical AND Virtual

Monitor IT Infrastructure - Network Monitoring Powering clouds icon

This Cloud AND That Cloud

Monitor IT Infrastructure - IT Network Monitoring Cloud config icon

Hosted AND SaaS

Monitor IT Infrastructure - IT Network Data icon

Server AND Serverless

Monitor IT Infrastructure - IT Network Monitoring Config icon

Integrated AND Isolated

Monitor IT Infrastructure - IT Monitoring Chip icon

Fast AND Stable

A simplified view into the entire enterprise

Monitor IT Infrastructure - It Monitoring Intelligent Alerts
Intelligent Alerts

Netreo’s smart handling of application failure detection allows you to automatically re-test failed services to suppress false alarms easily and automatically.

Monitor IT Infrastructure - It Monitoring KPIs algorithms
Single Source of Truth

Netreo consolidates multiple tools into one platform, is easily customizable, needs no complex infrastructure, and has little to no care and feeding costs.

Monitor IT Infrastructure - Automated It Monitoring

Automatic topology detection allows organizations to visualize the current topological configuration of their network without having to manually layout maps for every location.

Monitor IT Infrastructure - Powerful, Yet Simple It Monitoring
Powerful, Yet Simple

Secure and easy configuration, intelligent user friendly design, minimal administration, quick deployment and many alert formats, plus it integrates with varied management & ticketing systems.

It Monitor 1000’s of prebuiltd checks icon
1000’s of prebuilt checks

Interface status detection, web defacement alerts, web testing, hardware, BGP, EIGRP, OSPF, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP failures; plus remote access methods, numerous customized alerts and more.

Monitor IT Infrastructure - Mobile APP for It Monitoring
Mobile APP

iOS and Android mobile applications for continuous synchronized view of active incidents and live data feed of all devices under management.

Monitor IT Infrastructure - It Monitor Reporting & Analytics Icon
Reporting & Analytics

Clear visibility into actual user and application-level network traffic, allows IT managers to make informed decisions through easily understandable graphical reports.

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