Why Netreo

Why Netreo is the best IT infrastructure management and observability platform?
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Why do customers choose Netreo for full stack, full lifecycle IT monitoring software? SIMPLE!

As the most comprehensive IT infrastructure management and observability platform, Netreo gives customers the fastest time-to-value and lowest TCO available. Customers enjoy a single source of truth for proactive performance and availability monitoring, process automation for device onboarding, platform tuning and administrative tasks, plus a host of analysis and reporting features for optimizing the most complex enterprise networks, applications and business services.

Don’t take our word for it…

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200 by 216 pixels -- 2022-G2-High Performer Enterprise Spring 2022 - 200x216
2022-G2-Server Monitoring Momentum Leader Spring 2022 - 200x216
2022-G2-Best Support Enterprise Spring 2022 - 200x216
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2022-G2-Best Support Spring 2022 - 200x216
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2022-G2-Easiest To Use Spring 2022 - 200x216
Netreo - G2 Momentum Leader Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 Best Support Enterprise - Summer 2021 - Netreo is the best IT infrastructure management and observability platform
Netreo - G2 High Performer - Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 High Performer Enterprise - Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest to Use - Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest to do Business with - Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest Setup - Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 High Performer - Spring 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest to do Business With - Spring 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest to Use - Spring 2021
Netreo - G2Best Support- Spring 2021
Netreo - G2Best Support Enterprise - Spring 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest Setup Enterprise - Spring 2021
Netreo - G2 High Performer Enterprise - Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest To Do Business With Enterprise Summer 2021
Netreo - G2 Easiest To Use Enterprise - Spring 2021

With all of the monitoring tools on the market, Netreo was able to be implemented in a day to start gathering data. There was no hours of configuration, they did almost all of it on the back end to get what we needed, and provided 95% of what everyone needed in minutes. Add a device or server and Boom: Data. Add a user and email, Boom: Alerts.

- David Beach, Systems Architect, AGC Biologics

Top Reasons why Netreo is the Better Choice

Comprehensive Observability with Full-Stack Monitoring
  • Single view of your networks, systems, applications and user experience
  • Personalized dashboards for maximum IT team efficiency
  • Secure access from any mobile device from any location!
AI-Driven Automation with AIOPs: Autopilot
  • Automatic configuration self-tuning for maximum performance
  • Intelligently reduces unnecessary alerts and preemptively corrects more issues over time
  • Suggests issue remediation actions when automated fixes don’t apply
Actionable Insights with Intelligent Alert Management
  • Eliminate the redundant and false alerts flooding your phone, chat, and email
  • Identify out of the ordinary behavior using anomaly detection
  • Validate and prioritize notifications with incident management rules
A Single Source of Truth in Flexible, Intuitive Dashboards
  • Simplifies monitoring by seamlessly combining multiple data sources - SNMP, WMI, SQL, synthetic application tests, etc. - in a single, easy-to-use UI
  • Eliminates repetitive tasks by storing all critical IT resource data in a single location
  • Supports maximum data observability in user-defined, intuitive dashboard views

Some of our Trusted Clients

Netreo provides visibility from the business service to the underlying infrastructure and network that supports it. With real time visibility, you get alerts into what’s failing, what bottlenecks exist and who is impacted. Netreo becomes a critical part of your decision support system for day to day action, capacity planning and architecting modern solutions.

Netreo Reduces TCO by Increasing the Efficiency of All Your IT Monitoring Needs

Network Full-Stack Monitoring and management with Netreo

Network Management

From automated device discovery to troubleshooting and issue resolution, Netreo improves the efficiency in all your network management tasks, so your IT team can focus on supporting strategic business initiatives.
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Full-Stack Monitoring - Server management with Netreo

Server Management

Further, improve team efficiency with automated health and performance management and reporting on all servers and back-end systems, whether PC, Linux, IBM mini or IBM mainframe computing environments.
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Full Stack Monitoring - Cloud monitoring with Netreo

Cloud Monitoring

With real-time monitoring and performance verification of applications running on any public or private cloud, Netreo ensures a great user experience for all external customers and remote users.
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Configuration management with Netreo

Configuration Management

Netreo simplifies and streamlines network configuration and change management (NCCM) with automated device detection, logging and configuration, plus improves TCO and lifecycle management with automated compliance and licensing validation.
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Virtualization management with Netreo

Virtualization Management

Providing a holistic view of physical and virtual resources, including predictive reporting on virtual resources and automated host and guest discovery, Netreo simplifies the management of complex enterprise computing environments.
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Full-Stack Monitoring - Application performance with Netreo

Application Performance

Bridging the gap between Dev and Ops, Netreo has extended APM capabilities with newly acquired Retrace and Prefix solutions from Stackify by Netreo 
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Full-Stack Monitoring - Database monitoring with Netreo

Database Monitoring

By leveraging an agentless architecture, Netreo captures metrics on any database, reduces CPU strain and simplifies integration of metrics into a unified, efficient dashboard view
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Full-Stack Monitoring - Traffic analysis with Netreo

Traffic Analysis

Simplifying traffic pattern analysis with visual reports on sites, subnets, overall volume and more, Netreo gives IT teams greater control over resource allocation for maximizing performance and reducing IT spend
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Reporting and analtics with Netreo

Reporting and Analytics

In-depth analysis and automated reporting provide actionable insights, while leveraging machine learning technologies to continually learn and improve all aspects of your ITIM experience
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